Tropicana will sponsor the homevid release of Hemdale Home Video’s “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland,” scheduled for Feb. 24 at $ 24.95.

The alliance includes a $ 5 rebate offer to consumers who purchase the cassette and Tropicana Triplets orange juice.

Rebate offer will be touted in national TV and print advertising, on orange juice packages and on other point-of-sale materials. Total value of the marketing campaign is in the $ 5 million range, including co-op advertising allowances, media value of trailers, print and TV buys, and cost of in-store materials from HHV and Tropicana.

“Little Nemo” was released theatrically by Hemdale Pictures. Although it was well-received by some critics, Hemdale Pictures was unable to provide the marketing muscle to make the pic a must-see for kids. Box office was around $ 1. 37 million.

Even so, the vid release is expected to ship at least 1.5 million units, per HHV prexy Eric Parkinson. That would be worth close to $ 20 million to HHV, which the company needs to fund future production.

Independent of Hemdale Pictures and Hemdale Film Corp., Hemdale Home Video went public in April, when Peerless Prods. Ltd. acquired all the newly issued shares. Peerless renamed the company Hemdale Communications, and appointed Hemdale Pictures prexy John Daly chairman of H.C.