The March issue of American Film includes a new list of the 10 best unproduced screenplays. The magazine has published such a list over the past few years.

Pat Troise, an independent producer, found the following scripts sitting on producers’ desks or gathering dust on agents’ shelves: “Radiant City” by Lewis Colick, “Daybreak” by Stephen Tolkin, “True Love” by Julie Hickson, “Romeo Is Bleeding” by Hilary Henkin, “Heading West” by Ann Biderman, “Man’s Fate” by Daniel Bartolini, “The Christmas Conspiracy,” by Robert Rodat, “Cortes,” by Nicholas Kazan, “Demolished Man” by Oliver Stone and “Builders” by Jere Cunningham.

The 1983 list included “At Close Range,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” “The Princess Bride” and “Total Recall.” In 1987, the magazine spotted “Eight Men Out” and “Jacknife.” So chances are some of the current crop may get produced after all.