Spanish production plummeted 20% in 1990 to 36 from last year’s 47.

Of the 36, nine were co-productions with other countries and, in a decided move away from sexpo pics, only six were classified for “over 18.”

The carryover woes of short financing, a lack of solid production companies, limited government subsidies, coupled with more readily available coin for tv ventures, spelled out feature production blues.

Of last year’s pics, only a handful covered costs. Among the local b.o. winners were “Yo Soy Esa” and Carlos Saura’s “Ay, Carmela!,” both post-Spanish civil war sagas, “Aqui Huela a Muerto,” a schlock comedy and sex item “The Ages Of Lulu.”

The following films, listed by company, were produced in Spain last year:

Producciones A.S.H., S.A.

“Aqui Huele a Muerto,” in co-production with Impala, S.A., directed by Alvaro Saenz de Herdeia, and toplining local comic duo Jose Yuste and Millan Salcedo was one of the biggest b.o. surprises of the year.

Arenal Productores

“El Mejor de Los Tiempos,” helmed by Felipe Vega, with topcasters Iciar Bollain, Jorge de Juan and Rosario Flores.

Anna Internacional Films, S.A.

“La Senora del Oriente Express,” toplining Melissa Lang, Tomas Pico and Mara Vador, with Frank C. Luces at the helm.

Arsenal, S.A

“Boom Boom,” co-produced with Belgium company Lamy Films, topcasting Victor Lazlo, Sergei Mateau Vives and Fernando Guillen. This Catalan comedy by neophyte director Rosa Verges won her the ’90 Goya Award (Spanish Oscar) for best new director.

Baleares Films, S.A.

“Superagentes en Mallorca,” directed by Jose” Luis Merino, with Antonio Cornejo, Marta Valverde and Loreto Valverde.

B.M.G. Films, S.A.

“Don Juan, Mi Querido Fantasma,” with topliners Juan Luis Galiardo, Maria Barranco and Jose Sazatornil, helmed by Antonio Mercero.

C.I.P.I. Cinematografica, S.A.

“Disparate Nacional,” with Mariano Ozores Puchol at the helm and topcasting Antonio Ozores, Oscar Ladoire and Antonio Resines.

Creativos Asociades De Radio y Television, S.A.

“Bazar Viena,” co-produced with and helmed by Amalio Cueves Lozano, featured Alfredo Landa, German Cobos and Paulina Glavez.

Eduardo Mencos Valdez

“La Cruz de Iberia,” an effort at going international, was directed by Eduardo Marcos, and drew on talents Steve Pailshack, Scott Wilson and Laurence Ashley.

Elias Querejeta P.C., S.L.

Topcast for “Las Cartas de Alou,” winner of the 1990 Golden Shell for best picture at San Sebastian Film Fest, were Mulie Jauju, Eulalia Ramon Estrach and Ahmed El Maeroufi, helmed by Basque director Montxo Armendariz.

Escorpio Films, S.A.

Antonio Marcero directed “El Tesoro,” cast included Jose Coronado, Ana Alvarez Paez and Alvaro de Luna.

Fairplay Produccions, S.A.

Merce Pons, Rosa Maria Sarda and Juan Echanove were topcast in “Ratita Ratita” (Rateta Rateta), well-received comedy directed by Catalan director Francesc Bellmunt.

Films?…Yes!, S.A.

“La Bafiera,” another Catalan pic, directed by Jesns Fernandez Garey, featuring Jose Munne Surina, Muntsa Alcaniz Rodriguez and Jose’ Maria Pou Serra.

Floe Cinema/Video, S.A.

“LaTelerana” (LaTeranyina), directed by Antoni Verdaguer, with Fernando Guillen, Amparo Soler and Sergi Mateu.

Enrique Alberich Grau

Enrique Alberich Grau helmed “Visiones de un Extrano,” topcasting Patricia Adriani and Pep Munne.

P.C. Guerin

Docu-drama “Innisfree,” directed by newcomer Jose Luis Guerin, toplined Bartley O’Feeney, Padraig O’Feeney and Lord Killanin, in a co-production with Virginia Films, S.A.

Iberoamericana Films Internacional, S.A.

Spain’s biggest producer, run by Andres Vicente Gomez made two pics: “Ay, Carmela!” a Carmen Maura-starrer, featuring Andres Pajares and Gabino Diego, lensed by veteran Carlos Saura. Film made a clean sweep of the ’90 Goyas, taking all major awards, and was also a hot b.o. item. Co-produced with Ellepi Films in Italy.

Sexploitationer “Las Edades de Lulu,” was shot by Biga Luna, with Francesca Neri and Oscar Ladoire playing bed partners.

Impala, S.A.

“Nunce Estuve en Viena,” co-produced with Argentinian company MTC Realizaciones, S.L., directed by Gualberto Rodriguez, with cast including China Zorrilla. Serei Mateu and Maria Teresa Constantini.

Ion Producciones, S.A.

Luis Sanz produced and directed “Yo Soy Esa.” Warbler Isabel Pantoja drew in the yahoo crowds, heading a cast including Jose Coronado and Dolores Leon.

Jaime De Oriol

Flawed pic “La Batella de los Tres Reyes – Tambores de Fuego” was co-produced with Moroccan producer/director Souheil Ben Barka; international cast included Angela Molina, F. Murray Abraham, Harvey Keitel, Claudia Cardinali and Fernando Rey.

Lluria Films, S.A.

“La Bahia Esmeralda,” co-produced with French banner Eurocine, was helmed by Jesus Franco. Topcast were Fernando Rey, Silvia Tortosa and George Kennedy.

Luis Arino P.C. S.A.

“Los Dias del Cometa,” a co-production with Tornasol Films, S.A., and Aiete Films, S.A., was directed by Luis Arino, with Maribel Verdn and Antonio Dechent in leading roles.

Laurenfilm, S.A.

Imanol Arias, Victoria Merida and Juan Echanove starred in “A Solas Contigo,” co-produced with Flamenco Films, S.A., and Creativos Asociados de Radio y Television, S.A. Eduardo Campoy directed.

Marea Films, S.A.

“Los Angeles” (Les Anges), co-produced with Swiss company CAB Productions, S.A.R.L., was directed by Jacob Berger. Cast included Steven Weber, Belinda Becker and Justin Williams.

Mediterraneo Cine-TV, S.L

F. Lara Polop produced and directed “El Faile” (The Monk), a Spanish-British co-production with Celtic Films Ltd. Pic was shot in English, and Paul McGann, Sophie Ward and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon were topcast.

Jose Gimeno Mayol

“Capitan Escalaborns,” directed by Carlos Banper, with Juan Luis Galiardo, Adriana Gil and Jose Conde.

Montornes Films, S.A.

Biopic “Dali,” directed by Antonio Ribes Piera, featured Lorenzo Quinn, Sarah Doublas and Federico Guijar,

Opalo Films, S.A .

“Sauna,” directed by Andreu Martin, toplined Patxi Bisquert, Nuria Hosta and Cristina Poch.

Origen P.C., S.A. para TVE

Imanol Uribe directed “La Luna Negra,” toplining Lydia Bosch, Fernand Guillen.

Federico Perinan

“Contra el Viento,” co-produced with Creativos Asociados de Radio y Television, S.A., with Federico Perinan at the helm, featured Antonio Banderas, Emma Suarez and Bruce Macguire.

Rosa Garca P.C., S.A.

“La Sombra del Cipres es Alargada,” a co-production with Mexico’s Alcion Films, S.A., was directed by Luis Alcoriza de la Vega. Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Fiorella Faltoyano and Juanjo Guerenabarrena were the players.

Sabre TV, S.A.

“Lo Mas Natural,” toplined by Charo Lopez, Miguel Bose and Patrick Bauchau, was directed by Josefina Molina.

Sagudo, S.A.

“El Anonimo…Vaya Papalon,” by helmer Alfonso Arandia, thesped Miguel Molina Tajador, Jorge de Juan Garcia and Martxalo Rubio Aurquia.

Tornasol Films, S.A.

“Ovejas Negras,” co-produced with Golem Distribution, S.A., featured Juan Diego Botto, Miguel Angel Bellen and Maribel Verdn; Jose Maria Carreno directed.

“Caidos del Cielo,” a Spanish-Peruvian co-production, was directed by Francisco Lombardi. Topcast were Gustavo Bueno, Marisol Palacios and Elide Bredo.