Now just 18 months old, Toronto’s Accent Entertainment has been involved in $18 million worth of film and tv projects – fast establishing itself as Canada’s new indie hotshot.

Output includes one completed feature and “Sweating Bullets,” a 22-episode action series airing late night on CBS; three U.S. co-ventured tv pics, two of which obtained financing in Hungary and the Canadian portion of a four-hour, U.S. co-ventured miniseries.

‘So’ far, so good

Accent, headed by Susan Cavan and Andras Hamori, both former execs at Toronto’s Alliance Entertainment, also has a co-venture feature set with Hemdale and a development deal with Miramax Films. In a country where most producers depend on government agency investments, Accent has gone to that well for only one project so far.

That was low-budget feature “So,” a dark comedy about relationships set for a world preem at Cannes. Cineplex Odeon Films has Canadian rights and Accent retained rest-of-world sales. Hemdale-linked feature, “Libertad,” a love story from former Canadian Broadcasting Corp. tv producer Catherine Smalley, is set to film in August.

The development deal with Miramax and Toronto’s Voss Prods. is for a projected third feature by Voss partner, director-scripter Patricia Rozema. “Sweating Bullets” series, shot in Puerto Vallarta with Florest-Roffiel-Senyal, became the first project made via the official Canada-Mexico co-prod treaty.

Hearst Entertainment co-ventured Accent-produced tv pics, “Storm And Sorrow” and Tony Perkins-headlined “Daughter of Darkness,” both shot in Hungary with financing arranged by Hamori in that country, and Donna Mills-starrer “The World’s Oldest Bridesmaid.” And Accent was service producer for Consolidated Entertainment and Turner Network Television on the Toronto-shot portion of mini “444 Days,” based on U.S. hostages in the 1979-’80 Iran revolution.

“We started writh zero development and didn’t want to be in a position where we would only need government investments,” says Cavan. “The success we’re having only confirms we’re going in the right direction.” Company also maintains an office in Los Angeles, manned by Hamori and production director Carl Kraines.