Many familiar faces popped up among the nominations for the fifth annual American Comedy Awards, but there were some unusual nods, especially in the film categories.

Marlon Brando received a nomination for his comic role in “The Freshman,” with competition in the motion picture male lead category coming from youngster Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone,” Gerard Depardieu in “Green Card,” Johnny Depp in “Edward Scissorhands” and perennial Robin Williams in “Cadillac Man.”

Tracey Ullman took both tv and film category nods, the latter a nomination in the motion picture actress lead category for “I Love You To Death.” Others nominated in that category were Mia Farrow for “Alice,” Andie MacDowell in “Green Card,” Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and Meryl Streep in “Postcards From The Edge.”

Regulars made the tv nominations, including Kirstie Alley in “Cheers,” Candice Bergen in “Murphy Brown,” Katey Sagal in “Married… With Children,” Ullman in “The Tracey Ullman Show” and Betty White from “The Golden Girls.”

Among tv actors, Ted Danson was again nominated for his work on “Cheers,” as were John Goodman in “Roseanne,” Jay Leno for “The Tonight Show,” Ed O’Neill in “Married… With Children” and tv newcomer Keenen Ivory Wayans for “In Living Color.”

Carl Reiner will receive the Lifetime Creative Achievement Award.

Awards ceremony will be held March 9 at the Shrine Exposition Center; a two-hour special will air on ABC at a later date.

George Schlatter is executive producer of the event.

Performers voted

More than 2,500 letters requesting nomination suggestions were sent to comedy performers, producers, directors, writers, talent brokers, executives, studios, networks, cable companies and comedy clubs. Suggestions then were placed on ballots and sent to 1,100 comedy performers across the country.

The Stand-Up Comic Awards are being voted on by the patrons in 200 top comedy clubs around the country through 100,000 ballots distributed to the clubs Just For Laughs magazine.

The nominees follow:

Female performer in a tv series: Kirstie Alley, “Cheers”; Candice Bergen, “Murphy Brown”; Katey Sagal, “Married… With Children”; Tracey Ullman, “The Tracey Ullman Show”; Betty White, “The Golden Girls.”

Male performer in a tv series: Ted Danson, “Cheers”; John Goodman, “Roseanne”; Jay Leno, “The Tonight Show”; Ed O’Neill, “Married… With Children”; Keenen Ivory Wayans, “In Living Color.”

Female performer in a tv special: Kirstie Alley, “The Tonight Show’s 28th Anniversary”; Whoopi Goldberg, “Comic Relief IV”; Andrea Martin, “Six Ladies Laughing”; Paula Poundstone, “Cats, Cops And Stuff”; Lily Tomlin, “Save The Planet.”

Male performer in a tv special: Billy Crystal, “Comic Relief IV”; Jay Leno, “The Tonight Show’s 28th Anniversary”; David Letterman, “Eighth Anniversary Special”; Robin Williams, “Comic Relief IV”; Jonathan Winters, “And His Traveling Road Show.”

Actress in a motion picture: Mia Farrow, “Alice”; Andie MacDowell, “Green Card”; Julia Roberts, “Pretty Woman”; Meryl Streep, “Postcards From The Edge”; Tracey Ullman, “I Love You To Death.”

Actor in a motion picture: Marlon Brando, “The Freshman”; Macaulay Culkin, “Home Alone”; Gerard Depardieu, “Green Card”; Johnny Depp, “Edward Scissorhands”; Robin Williams, “Cadillac Man.”

Supporting actress, motion picture: Whoopi Goldberg, “Ghost”; Julie Kavner, “Alice”; Shirley MacLaine, “Postcards From The Edge”; Laura San Giacomo, “Pretty Woman”; Dianne Wiest, “Edward Scissorhands.”

Supporting actor, motion picture: Alan Arkin, “Edward Scissorhands”; Hector Elizondo, “Pretty Woman”; Dustin Hoffman, “Dick Tracy”; Al Pacino, “Dick Tracy”; Joe Pesci, “Home Alone.”

Supporting actress, tv: Julia Duffy, “Newhart”; Faith Ford, “Murphy Brown”; Estelle Getty, “The Golden Girls”; Julie Kavner, “The Tracey Ullman Show”; Rhea Perlman, “Cheers.”

Supporting actor, tv: Dana Carvey. “Saturday Night Live”; Woody Harrelson, “Cheers”; John Larroquette, “Night Court”; Alex Rocco, “The Famous Teddy Z”; Damon Wayans, “In Living Color.”

Lifetime achievement award, female: Bea Arthur, Doris Day, Shirley MacLaine, Penny Marshall, Nancy Walker.

Lifetime achievement award, male: Milton Berle, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, Dick Van Dyke.

Standup comic, female: Ellen Degeneres, Diane Ford, Cathy Ladman, Carol Leifer, Pam Stone.

Standup comic, male: Tim Allen, Will Durst, Bill Hicks, Richard Jeni, Dennis Wolfberg.