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(Palace Pictures) 8/91, Namibia. PROD, Joanne Sellars; DIR-SCR, Richard Stanley; CAST, Robert Burke, Zakaes Mokae, Chelsea Field, William Hootkins (Distrib – U.S., Miramax).


(New Line Cinema) 9/91, Washington, D.C. PROD, Rupert Harvey; DIR, Christian Duguay; SCR, Bart Baker; CAST, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Cross (Distrib, New Line).


(Motion Picture Corp. of America) 9/15/91, L.A. PROD, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler; DIR, Phedon Papamichael; SCR, Michael Angeli; CAM, Wally Pfister; CAST, Jeff Fahey, Sean Young, Drew Barrymore (Distrib, MPCA).


(Death Ring Prods.) 9/30/91, L.A. EXP, Bob Bennett, Casey Bennett; PROD, Gary M. Bettman; DIR, R.J . Kizer; SCR, George LeBrun; CAM, Glenn Kershaw; CAST, Mike Norris, Billy Drago, Chad McQueen, Don Swayze, Elizabeth Fong Sung, Isabel Glasser (Distrib – intl., Trans Atlantic Entertainment).


(Concorde) 10/1/91, L.A. EXP, Roger Corman; PROD, Mike Elliott; DIR-SCR, Charles Philip Moore; CAST, Don (The Dragon) Wilson, Richard Beymer (Distrib, Concorde).


(Tylerism Prods.) 10/4/91, L.A. PROD-DIRSCR, Robert Tyler III; CAM, Orlando Marguina; CAST, Frederic Creech, Henry Gilmore, Keith Kelley, Aloma Wright, Patrick Williams, Edwardo Keaton, Alicia Ayo, J. Speed Forney, Myles Abney, Shawn Chambliss (No distrib).


(LT Prods./Edward R. Pressman

Pressman Film Co.) 10/7/91, N.Y. PROD., Edward R. Pressman, Mary Kane; DIR, Abel Ferrara; SCR, Zoe Tamerlaine Lund, Ferrara; CAM, Ken Kelsch; CAST, Harvey Keitel, Victoria Bastel, Robin Burrows, Frankie Thorn, Victor Argo, Paul Hipp, Paul Calderone, Leonard Thomas, Zoe Tamerlaine Lund, Bo Dietl (Distrib – intl., Odyssey Distributors).


(Alliance Communications/Salter Street Films) 10/15/91, Halifax, Nova Scotia. EXP, Michael Donovan, Steven DeNure; DIR, Paul Donovan; SCR, Bill Fleming, Paul Donovan; CAM, Les Krizsan; CAST, Maury Chaykin, Paul Gross, Denise Virieux, Henry Czerny, Louis Del Grande (Distrib, Alliance).


(Erwin/Lamas/Kirishima Prods.) 10/15/91, L.A. EXP, Taro Tanabe; PROD, Mike Erwin, Max Kirishima; DIR-SCR, Brad Marlowe; CAST, Jennifer Tilly, David Arquette, Rita Taggert, Jeffrey Tambor, Robby Benson, Brian Bloom, Rae Dawn Chong, Anne Wedgeworth (No distrib).


(Carnivore Films) 10/20/91, L.A. EXP, Abel Rojas; PROD-SCR, Charlie Rojas; DIR, Mike Tristano; CAM, Craig Incardone; CAST, Sharon Mitchell, William Smith, Ron Jeremy Hyatt, Al Troup, Chuck Gavioian, Courtney Lecara, Neil Delama, Margaret Romero, Anne Osmond, Jane Richards (No distrib).


(Michael Jaffe Films/Boomerang Prods.) 10/22/91, L.A. EXP, Michael Jaffe; PROD, Cassian Elwes, Michael Kastenbaum; DIR, Martin Donovan; CAST, Mary Stuart Masterson, Hart Bochner, Fionnula Flanagan, Stephen Black (No distrib).


(World Entertainment-Business Network/Rose & Ruby Prods.) 10/28/91, Toronto. EXP, Sandy Howard; PROD, Damian Lee; DIR, Francis Schaeffer; CAST, Carol Kane, Judge Reinhold (Distrib – U.S., Prism Entertainment; intl., ABC Distribution).


(Mark Forstater Prods./Tor Film Studio/Metronome Prods.) 10/28/91, Warsaw, Cracow, Copenhagen. EXP, Ryszard Straszewski; PROD, Mark Forstater; DIR, Krzysztof Zanussi; SCR, Peter Morgan, Mark Wadlow; CAM, Jaroslav Zamojda; CAST, Max von Sydow, Lothaire Bluteau, Sarah Miles, Sophie Grabol, Peter Hesse Overgaard, Lars Lunde, Trevor Cooper (Distrib sales, Mayfair Entertainment Intl.).


(Starmax Film Partnership) 10/29/91, Denver. EXP, Jose Rangel, J. Jung Lee; PROD, Peter Garrity, Jay Davis; DIR, Fred H. Dresch; SCR, Richard Strahle; CAM, Edwin Myers; CAST, Julian Lee, Mako, Terry O’Quinn, Bubba Smith, Christophe, Jim Turner, Lynne Hart (Distrib – intl., MCE Inc.).


(U) 11/4/91, Memphis, Atlanta. PROD, Neil Canton; DIR, Walter Hill; SCR, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale; CAM, Lloyd Ahern; CAST, Bill Paxton, Ice T, William Sadler, Ice Cube, Art Evans (Distrib, Universal).


(Tribeca/Martin Scorsese Presents) 11/4 91, N.Y. EXP, Harry Ufland, Mary Jane Ufland; PROD, Irwin Winkler, Jane Rosenthal; DIR, Winkler; SCR, Richard Price, based on Jules Dassin’s 1950 Fox film, scripted by Jo Eisinger from Gerald Kersh’s story; CAST, Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Alan King (Distrib – U.S., Fox; intl., Pentamerica).


(White Deer/L.A. Puopolo Prods.) 11/4/91, Pocahontas, Va. PROD, William B. O’Boyle, Lou Puopolo; DIR, Puopolo; SCR, Puopolo, Chris Ceraso, based on Ceraso’s play “Home Fires Burning”; CAM, J. Michael McClary; CAST, Karen Allen, Raymond J. Barry, Michael Dolan, Tess Harper, Gilian Anderson (No distrib).


(TriStar) 11/4/91, N.Y. EXP, Jack Rollins, Charles H. Joffe; PROD, Robert Greenhut, Woody Allen; DIR-SCR, Woody Allen; CAM, Carlo Di Palma (Distrib, TriStar).


(Zenith Prods./True Fiction/Fine Line Features/American Playhouse Theatrical Films) 11/6/91, Texas. EXP, Bruce Weiss, Lindsay Law; PROD, Ted Hope; DIR-SCR, Hal Hartley; CAM, Mike Stiller; CAST, Robert Burke, William Sage, Martin Donovan, Julia” McNeal, Jeff McKay, Matt Malloy, Jeff Howard (Distrib, Fine Line).


(Castle Rock) 11/7/91, L.A., N.Y. EXP, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandell; PROD-DIR, Billy Crystal; SCR, Crystal, Ganz, Mandell; CAM, Don Peterman; CAST, Billy Crystal, David Paymer, Julie Warner, Helen Hunt, Mary Mara (Distrib – U.S., Columbia; intl., New Line Intl.).


(Zeta Entertainment/Laughing Dog Inc.) 11/10/91, L.A. PROD, Diane Firestone, Zane Levitt; DIR, Tamra Davis; SCR, Matthew Bright; CAM, Lisa Rinzler; CAST, Drew Barrymore, James LeGros, Michael Ironside, Billy Drago, Rodney Harvey, lone Skye, Joe Dallesandro (Distrib sales, Overseas Filmgroup).


(Par/Eddie Murphy Prods./Brian Grazer Prods.) 11/11/91, N.Y. EXP, Mark Lipsky, Kenneth Utt; PROD, Brian Grazer, Warrington Hudlin; DIR, Reginald Hudlin; SCR, Barry W. Blaustein, David Sheffield; CAST, Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Grace Jones, Halle Berry (Distrib, Paramount).


(Power Pictures/21st Century) 11/11/91, Moscow. EXP, Ivan Mendzheritsky, Ami Artzi; PROD, Menahem Golan, Mark Slater; DIR, Greydon Clark; SCR, Alex Simon, David Reskin; CAM, Nicholas von Sternberg; CAST, Bruce Nozick, Christopher Bradley, Rachel York, Jeff Griggs (Distrib sales, 21st Century).


(Rastar) 11/11/91, L.A., San Diego. EXP, Jerry Baerwitz, Richard Gere; PROD, Alan Griesman, Debra Greenfield; DIR, Mike Figgis; SCR, Eric Roth, Michael Cristofer; CAM, Juan Ruiz-Anchia; CAST, Richard Gere, Lena Olin (Distrib, TriStar).

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