Twentieth Century Fox continued its national b.o. stranglehold with a super debut for “Sleeping With The Enemy,” in which Oscar nominee (for “Pretty Woman”) Julia Roberts generated a boff $18.3 million opening frame.

The studio’s comedy hit “Home Alone” passed the $222 million mark with $7.6 million in its 13th week.

The top 10 films grabbed $62,641,520, up 14% from the previous frame.

Oscar noms fallout boosted Thursday to higher marks than the traditional Wednesday peak grosses for the lucky films, notably “Dances With Wolves.”

Tri-Star’s “L.A. Story” had a wild and crazy opening, averaging $7,891 at 1,092 salles. WB’s “The Neverending Story II” began with a nice $5.8 million tally.

Prestige’s Spanish film “Ay, Carmela!” (overlooked in the Oscar nominations) began with a pleasant $15,794 average at two sites. Cinecom’s “Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead” started well in Manhattan, averaging $16,909 at two screens.

Triton’s Japanese import “Heaven & Earth” had a fine opening, averaging $19,112 at two theaters. Distrib’s “Meet The Applegates” plunged 73% in week two.

Disney’s “Run” went into the tank, falling 60% in its second week out. Also from Disney, “White Fang” and “Green Card” each dropped 39%.

Universal’s “Once Around” slipped by about the same rate, down 37%. Orion’s “Alice” dropped 43%.

Trimark’s “Warlock” had a solid $1 million fifth inning and is due to switch to eastern U.S. bookings in early March.

Studio Three’s “Popcorn” also had a tough sophomore session, plummeting 68%. New Line’s “Queens Logic” dipped 62% in its second outing.

Ron O’Neal’s “Up Against The Wall” did nicely, posting a $5,125 average at eight sites, $73,650 since its Jan. 18 Atlanta debut.