Society is an extremely pretentious, obnoxious horror film that unsuccessfully attempts to introduce kinky sexual elements into extravagant makeup effects.

Teen Billy Warlock is thought to be paranoid by everyone, including his shrink, when he starts suspecting not only that he must have been adopted but also that his parents are having incestuous orgies with his sister.

Following many strange occurrences, red herrings and repetitive nudges about the class system and ‘fitting into society’, it’s finally revealed that rich and powerful folk really are some sort of undead monsters preying on Billy and all us other have-nots.

Sickening climax, notable for its poor continuity, is a sexual orgy called shunting, in which makeup expert Screaming Mad George indulges in what’s credited as ‘surrealistic makeup effects.’

Sole bright spot is a very sexy turn by former Playboy magazine model Devin Devasquez.


  • Production: Wild Street. Director Brian Yuzna; Producer Keith Walley; Screenplay Woody Keith, Rick Fry; Camera Rick Fichter; Editor Peter Teschner; Music Mark Ryder, Phil Davies; Art Director Matthew C. Jacobs
  • Crew: (Color) Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1989. Running time: 99 MIN.
  • With: Billy Warlock Devin Devasquez Evan Richards Ben Meyerson Connie Danese Patrice Jennings