Woody Allen once again explores the human condition via the inner turmoil of gifted New Yorkers.

Story deals with a very successful, often idolized character who discovers around the time of her 50th birthday that she has made many mistakes, but people have been more or less too deferential to confront her.

Gena Rowlands plays Marion Post, head of a graduate philosophy department, married to a doctor. She takes an apartment downtown in which to write a book, and begins overhearing analysis sessions from the psychiatrist’s office next door. At first she’s annoyed, then gets hooked as a patient (Mia Farrow) tells of her unsettling conviction that her marriage has begun to disintegrate.

Soon, she’s reliving some of the turning points in her life, through dreams, flashbacks and chance encounters with family and friends. Throughout, she’s haunted by the memory of a man (Gene Hackman) who once loved her passionately.

Film that emerges is brave, in many ways fascinating, and in all respects of a caliber rarely seen.

Another Woman

  • Production: Rollins/Joffe. Director Woody Allen; Producer Robert Greenhut; Writer Woody Allen; Camera Sven Nykvist Editor Susan E. Morse Art Santo Loquasto
  • Crew: (Color) Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1988. Running time: 84 MIN.
  • With: Gena Rowlands Mia Farrow Ian Holm Blythe Danner Gene Hackman Martha Plimpton