Mannequin is as stiff and spiritless as its title suggests.

A mannequin (Kim Cattrall) is the latest reincarnation of an Egyptian princess who has known Christopher Colombus and Michelangelo in her journey through time. He’s an aspiring artist working as a model maker (Andrew McCarthy) and creator of a mannequin which has the likeness of a woman he could easily love # if only she were real.

Night work makes strange bedfellows of McCarthy and Hollywood (Meshach Taylor), the flamboyant near-transvestite who dresses the store windows, and of McCarthy and Emmy (Cattrall), his mannequin. She comes alive when they’re alone together, but reverts back to her cold self if anyone else appears.

McCarthy and Cattrall certainly are an attractive couple # when she’s alive # but they don’t get to do much more than kiss and dance around the store after hours. Comic development is given over to the secondary characters (Taylor, James Spader and the night watchman, G.W. Bailey).

1987: Nomination: Best Song (‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’)


  • Production: Gladden. Director Michael Gottlieb; Producer Art Levinson; Screenplay Michael Gottlieb, Edward Rugoff; Camera Timothy Suhrstedt; Editor Richard Halsey; Music Sylvester Levay; Art Director Josan Russo
  • Crew: (Color) Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1987. Running time: 89 MIN.
  • With: Andrew McCarthy Kim Cattrall Estelle Getty G.W. Bailey James Spader Meshach Taylor