Rock Hudson Dying of AIDS (EXCLUSIVE)

Rock Hudson Hospitalized for AIDS
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

GOOD MORNING: The whispering campaign on Rock Hudson can — and should stop. He has flown to Paris for further help. The Institute Pasteur has been very active in research on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Hudson’s dramatic weight loss was made evident to the national press last week when he winged to Carmel to help longtime friend Doris Day launch her new pet series. His illness was no secret to close Hollywood friends, but its true nature was divulged to very, very few. He left for France and possible aid from scientists there over the weekend. Doctors warn that the dread disease (AIDS) is going to reach catastrophic proportions in all communities if a cure is not soon found . . . We are also sorry to report that surgery yesterday on vet performer Scatman Crothers revealed that a tumor behind his left lung is inoperable. He will begin radiation treatments . . . On the happier side of the ledger, Susan Burton married Jack Haywood last Saturday in Wareneck, Va. Haywood was the former owner of the Playa de Oro Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. Susan and Richard had a home in P.V., you recall . . . Meanwhile, Burton’s widow, Sally, is talking to the BBC in London re doing a series (interviews) for ’em here in Hollywood . . . Bob Denver was a surprise visitor at the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., last week when the 10 teacher-finalists were there on a “training session” (before Sharon Christa McAuliffe was chosen last Friday). Denver volunteered to pen a song about them as “teachernauts.” He told em, “Drop me a letter and let me know why you want to be the first teacher to go into space.” The ABC bigscreen “Space- Camp,” from Leonard Goldberg, Patrick Bailey and Harold Schneider, is inspired by the actual camp down thar where the film troupe will be filming in September.

File photo of Rock Hudson from 1956. photo credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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“A Tribute To Greer Garson: The MGM Years” will be held Sept. 13- 14 in the Bob Hope Theater at the Meadows School of the Arts at S.M.U., Dallas. It is a tribute, not a fundraiser, and a one-hour spec of the salute will be produced by Bob Banner for PBS. In addition to the obvious glorious Garson film clips, “live” and taped appearances are anticipated by many of her friends and costars, including Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck, Van Johnson, Cesar Romero, John Green, Brian Aherne, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy and — Ronald Reagan . . . And Mickey Rooney says he’s talking a tribute to Yul Brynner — via a limited run in which Rooney would play “The King & I” on B’way next year! He and Ruth Webb met with Albert Marre (who would produce) in Westbury, L.I. last week — when Rooney did a brief “King” turn for ’em. Mickey plans to depart “Sugar Babies” this Fall — but he’s said that before . . . Donald Sutherland will biopic Paul Gaughin, covering the two years in Paris following his return from Tahiti, when he brought back his vision — and was rebuffed by the art world. The film starts in September and he’s already having transformations made by makeup ace Ziggie Geike here. Henning Carlsen will direct in Paris and Denmark . . . Maureen O’Sullivan returns to Hollywood to join Francis Coppola’s cast of “Peggy Sue Got Married ” . . . Rick Ingersoll has amicably departed his partnership in ICPR and will open his own praisery Aug. 1 . . . Writer Joe McBride and Ruth O’Hara, nonpro, tied the knot July 17. McBride s currently writing Frank Capra’s bio for Knopf.

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Danny Kaye heads to the Venice Film Festival as prez of the UNICEF jury — to award the film which best expresses the philosophy and essence of UNICEF . . . The Friends of Le Chambon — the French town which saved and sheltered Jewish children during the holocaust — gather tonight at the LA. Stage Company West, where the Klezmorim will perform. Prior to the show, a cocktailer will be held at the Bank of California in BevHills, where a foto exhibit of Le Chambon will be shown. Jim Garner, Glenn Ford, David Steinberg, Bob Stack, Arthur Hiller, Gordon Davidson, etc. are among the host committee . . . Second generation: Antonia Dauphin (Claude’s sprig) has a featured role in Alan Rudolph’s “Trouble In Mind” — which was enlarged after she was seen in the rushes . . . Comedian Dick Gautier unveils his terrif talents as an artist-humorist in his book, “The Art Of Caricature” (Perigee).