LadyHawke is a very likeable, very well-made fairytale that insists on a wish for its lovers to live happily ever after.

Handsome Rutger Hauer is well-cast as the dark and moody knight who travels with a hawk by day. Lovely Michelle Pfeiffer is perfect as the enchanting beauty who appears by night, always in the vicinity of a vicious but protective wolf.

As readers of one or more variations of this legend will instantly recognize, Pfeiffer is the hawk and Hauer the wolf, each changing form as the sun rises and sets, former lovers cursed to never humanly share the clock together.

The spell was cast by an evil bishop (John Wood) when Pfeiffer spurned him for Hauer, who is now bent on revenge, with the help of young Matthew Broderick, the only one to ever escape Wood’s deadly dungeon.

Though simple, the saga moves amidst beautiful surroundings (filmed in Italy), and is worthwhile for its extremely authentic look alone.


  • Production: Warner/20th Century-Fox. Director Richard Donner; Producer Richard Donner, Lauren Schuler; Screenplay Edward Khmara, Michael Thomas, Tom Mankiewicz; Camera Vittorio Storaro; Editor Stuart Baird; Music Andrew Powell; Art Director Wolf Kroeger
  • Crew: (Color) Widescreen. Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1985. Running time: 124 MIN.
  • With: Matthew Broderick Rutger Hauer Michelle Pfeiffer Leo McKern John Wood Ken Hutchison