Day of the Dead is an unsatisfying part three in George A. Romero’s zombie saga.

Set in Florida (but filmed mainly in Pennsylvania plus Fort Myers, Fla.), Day postulates that the living dead have now taken over the world with only a handful of normal humans still alive, outnumbered by about 400,000 to one. In a claustrophobic format reminiscent of early 1950s science fiction films, the human protagonists debate and fight among themselves in an underground missile silo while the common enemy masses topside.

Representing the scientific community are stalwart heroine Sarah (Lori Cardille), who is working on long-range research to find a way to reverse the process whereby dead humans become unreasoning, cannibalistic zombies, and loony Dr Logan (Richard Liberty), engaged in conditioning experiments on captured zombies to domesticate them.

The acting here is generally unimpressive and in the case of Sarah’s romantic partner, Miguel (Antone DiLeo Jr), unintentionally risible.

Day of the Dead

  • Production: Laurel. Director George A. Romero; Producer Richard P. Rubinstein; Screenplay George A. Romero; Camera Michael Gornick; Editor Pasquale Buba; Music John Harrison; Art Director Cletus Anderson
  • Crew: (Color) Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1985. Running time: 102 MIN.
  • With: Lori Cardille Terry Alexander Joseph Pilato Jarlath Conroy Antone DiLeo Jr Richard Liberty