The Muppets Take Manhattan is a genuinely fun confection of old-fashioned entertainment.

Feature poses a hypothetical story [by Tom Patchett and Jay Tarses] of Kermit the Frog penning a successful senior variety show, Manhattan Melodies, at Danhurst College and deciding to take it to Broadway. A hit show will enable him to marry his sweetheart, Miss Piggy, but the Muppets find it difficult to find backing and split up to various towns, working at odd jobs to support themselves.

Format allows director Frank Oz to poke light fun at showbiz cliches while creating some comic tension as Kermit, working among rat (literally) waiters at a luncheonette, befriends the cute human daughter (Juliana Donald) of the immigrant owner (Louis Zorich), arousing Miss Piggy’s uncontrollable jealousy. A wonderful subplot has Kermit struck with amnesia and becoming a bigshot at an ad agency.

Pic boasts effective cameos (though not as potent as the first film), best of which are Joan Rivers comfortably ad libbing with Miss Piggy (played by Oz) and Dabney Coleman doing slapstick as an unscrupulous producer.

1984: Nomination: Best Original Song Score

The Muppets Take Manhattan

  • Production: Tri-Star/Delphi II. Director Frank Oz; Producer David Lazer; Screenplay Frank Oz, Tom Patchett, Jay Tarses; Camera Robert Paynter; Editor Evan Lottman; Music Ralph Burns; Art Director Stephen Hendrickson
  • Crew: (Color) Available on VHS, DVD. Extract of a review from 1984. Running time: 94 MIN.
  • With: Jim Henson Frank Oz Dave Goelz Steve Whitmire Richard Hunt Jerry Nelson
  • Music By: