Absorbing moody and often compelling story about psychological dependence and transference.

Robert Altman had a dream which he used as the basis for his original screenplay, set in the desert where Shelley Duvall works as an attendant in an old-folks’ health center and new staffer Sissy Spacek becomes her room-mate.

Janice Rule is the mural-painting wife of retired stuntman Robert Fortier, the two of them being important catalysts to the changing relationship between Spacek and Duvall.

Duvall is magnificent as a girl whose inner unhappiness is masked by dialog straight out of smart-set magazines and fast-snack recipe folders. Spacek, at the outset adoring and subservient, gets all the sympathy.

Spacek matches in complementing excellence Duvall’s performance. Rule registers well.

Three Women

  • Production: 20th Century-Fox. Director Robert Altman; Producer Robert Altman; Screenplay Robert Altman; Camera Chuck Rosher; Editor Dennis Hill; Music Gerald Busby; Art Director James D. Vance
  • Crew: (Color) Widescreen. Extract of a review from 1977. Running time: 122 MIN.
  • With: Shelley Duvall Sissy Spacek Janice Rule Robert Fortier Ruth Nelson John Cromwell