TV Review: ‘The Brady Bunch’

TV Review: 'The Brady Bunch'

Will lightning strike twice for Sherwood Schwartz? The critics won’t bet against it. He made them eat their wasteland words when “Gilligan’s Island” eked out a healthy run. On the face of it “Brady” prospects aren’t too good.

It’s pure slapstick with a pair of leads not teethed in it: Robert Reed (“The Defender”) end singer Florence Henderson. The basic
theme is not new but the premise is pregnant with potential.

What Schwartz put together are two families, a widow with three small daughters and a widower with three small sons. Not to be left out is a dog and a cat, who go into immediate action by making a shambles of the wedding ceremonial.

The honeymoon comes off well until the kids are cut in on it. The expectancy of how the conglomerate families will make out should hold the viewers for a
time, anyway. They can be assured that Schwartz wont let it get dull. There are too many ways to go and a laugh track on cue.

Reed and Miss Henderson are an attractive couple with enough competence to override the chaos.

Ann B. Davis is back as the harried housekeeper. But calling the shots is Schwartz, who knows slapstick comedy like the back of him hand, and that’s what they’re buying theme days. The only violence will be when that dog catches np
with the cat.