W USA has some serious liabilities, but for all of them it’s a breath of fresh air.

Title derives from call letters of New Orleans radio station which spews forth the type propaganda regularly disciplined in real life by the Federal Communications Commission.

Script is not always lucid and director Stuart Rosenberg’s pacing is numbed by needless Newman-Woodward scenes which drag pic.

The cynical profession of crowd manipulation and psychology is the primary plot line of Robert Stone’s adaptation of his novel, A Hall of Mirrors, original title of film. Newman is a drifter with radio experience. His buddy, Laurence Harvey, a con-man mission preacher, sends him to the radio station dedicated to exposing ‘welfare chiselers’ and other social evils.

As Newman’s star rises his affair with Woodward becomes strained; she, too, is a drifter but there was a chance of some happiness between the two.


  • Production: Paramount. Director Stuart Rosenberg; Producer Paul Newman, John Foreman; Screenplay Robert Stone; Camera Richard Moore; Editor Bob Wyman; Music Lalo Schifrin; Art Director Philip Jefferies
  • Crew: (Color) Widescreen. Extract of a review from 1970. Running time: 114 MIN.
  • With: Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Anthony Perkins Laurence Harvey Pat Hingle Don Gordon
  • Music By: