Bob Hope Stunned by Another Emmy Snub

Bob Hope Stunned Another Emmy Snub

GOOD MORNING: Bob Hope’s description of the Emmy Awards method of selecting the winners: “It’s like the Vietnam war — you don’t know the enemy.”

There is no man among us who would accuse Hope of “sour grapes,” he having been squeezed out of the winner’s circle again. But he too admits this year’s system of voting “was a mystery to me. I couldn’t figure it out when they sent me the information.”

(He did concede this election had less “politics” than in the past).

Hope, winner of a coupla TV Guide Awards, suggested the Emmy structure be revamped so “The public can make their choices.”

Rapid Robert has yet to win an Emmy — although given an “Honorary” statuette — but adds, “We’re building — with two nominations this year.”

And he reassures that he would have attended the Palladium function as a nominee, but his rehearsals were delayed an hour and a half at NBC when Bea Lillie’s plane arrived late.

Hope, who hops to Seneca Falls, N.Y., Tuesday to attend dedication of Eisenhower College with the former President, Gov. Rockefeller and Sen. Javits, adds “With Steve Allen running for Congress, George Murphy already a Senator and Ronald Reagan running for Governor of Calif. — if they all win, California will have to join Equity.”

On the initial night of the new season, and the Emmys, overnight rating service machines broke down.

“The Louvre won so many awards,” said Earl Holliman, “it looked like we were trying to appease De Gaulle.”

David McCallum, on the fone from N.Y. yesterday reporting reaction on the Gotham front of the Emmys said, “It seemed long and unexciting.”

He wasnt upset at his own loss, but said, “I was disappointed that our (‘U.N.C.L.E.’) technical wide didn’t win anything.”