Unusual offbeater could be pegged a parable, social satire as a dream film. It has power and solidity.

A group of rich people go to a friend’s home for late supper after the opera. The servants leave and the group notices suddenly that they lack the will or the ability to get out of the house. Problems of privacy, food, water and human association and comportment come up. People outside can’t get into the house and it is put under quarantine.

Drugs, cabalistic signs, and attempts to marshall the people into action all seem to fail as they slowly sink into near violence. Pic may be a razor-sharp look at purgatory. The symbols may have or not have any true, clear meaning, but do have shock value.

Acting is of a piece and brilliantly utilized by director Luis Bunuel, while Gabriel Figueroa’s crystal-like lensing is another asset.

[Script is from a 1957 scenario, Los naufragos de la calle de la Providencia by Bunuel and Luis Alcoriza, suggested by the unpublished play Los naufragos by Jose Bergamin.]

El Angel Exterminador


  • Production: Uninci/Films 59. Director Luis Bunuel; Producer Gustavo Alatriste; Writer Luis Bunuel; Camera Gabriel Figueroa Editor Carlos Savage Jr Art Jesus Bracho
  • Crew: (B&W) Available on VHS. Extract of a review from 1962. Running time: 95 MIN.
  • With: Silvia Pinal Enrique Rambal Jacqueline Andere Jose Baviera Augusto Benedico Luis Beristain
  • Music By: