This production imaginatively poses the situation of a foreign power invading the US with atom bombs.

Plot, starting out in a Gotham bar, is picked up when voice of a TV broadcaster reports that Alaska has been invaded and taken over by a huge enemy air task force. Almost in minutes, further forces capture the state of Washington through use of atom bombs. Action then has the enemy blasting eastward, to destroy NY and invade Washington, DC, where a futile defense is being formulated in the Pentagon.

Human story is worked into this background through Gerald Mohr, a TV reporter, and others who are introduced in the bar. Peggie Castle is a debutante; Robert Bice a Frisco manufacturer whose return to his factory is marked by his murder by the enemy and Erik Blythe, an Arizona rancher.

Startling aspects of the screenplay [from a story by Robert Smith and Franz Spencer] are further parlayed through effective use of war footage secured from the various armed services and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Invasion U.S.A.

  • Production: Columbia. Director Alfred E. Green; Producer Albert Zugsmith, Robert Smith; Screenplay Robert Smith; Camera John L. Russell; Editor W. Donn Hayes; Music Albert Glasser
  • Crew: (B&W) Extract of a review from 1952. Running time: 73 MIN.
  • With: Gerald Mohr Peggie Castle Dan O'Herlihy Robert Bice Tom Kennedy Wade Crosby