A highly fantastic Salome is that which Nazimova presents on the screen. It is far from the Salome Oscar Wilde penned.

The picture is done with a decidedly modernistic touch. Picturesquely it is very pretty as to lightings, setting and photography, but there ends about all that can be said in praise. Nazimova in Facial Expressions, with Salome as the background, would have been much better billing for the picture.

Other than the facial contortions there is little to the picture, likewise little to her costume. The heroic figures are given a decided appearance of effeminacy and the slaves of color are beefy instead of muscular. The settings, however, are well worked out and make a really worth background for the action, such as it is.


  • Production: Nazimova/Allied. Director Charles Bryant; Screenplay Peter M. Winters; Camera Charles Van Enger; Music Ulderico Marcelli; Art Director Natacha Rambova
  • Crew: Silent. (B&W) Extract of a review from 1922. Running time: 75 MIN.
  • With: Nazimova Rose Dione Mitchell Lewis Nigel de Brulier
  • Music By: