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  • ‘Tiger King’

    For a documentarian, a larger-than-life big-cat collector who goes by "Joe Exotic" has to both be a total dream and narrative nightmare.

  • 'Mrs. America'

    "Mrs. America," starring Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne, is an ambitious FX on Hulu series that struggles to get a grip on its characters.

  • ‘Making the Cut’

    Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn don't recapture their "Project Runway" magic in Amazon's "Making the Cut."

  • ‘Run’

    From "Fleabag" producers Vicky Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the comedy does better by its romantic leads than its twists and turns.

  • ‘Trolls World Tour’

    For all its pleasurable and buzzy touches, the sequel to the 2016 glitter-pop animated hit is rote enough to feel right at home ... at home.

  • ‘Coffee & Kareem’

    The premise is puerile, but the humor is inappropriate for young viewers in this Netflix action comedy starring Ed Helms.

  • Critics Pick

    'Dolphin Reef'

    The Disney doc tells the story of a dolphin coming of age, but its real dazzle is its look at life under the sea, a world that never gets old.

  • ‘The Hot Wing King’

    Katori Hall gets belly laughs out of this comedy about an amateur cook trying to create a signature dish while chaos reigns in the kitchen.

  • ‘West Side Story’

    Ivo Van Hove dares to fiddle with perfection in this modernized but still respectful re-working of the 1957 masterpiece.






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