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    • Who Is America Review

      ‘Who Is America?’

      Sacha Baron Cohen’s new series feels as richly comic as anything he’s done in the decade-plus since “Borat.”

    • Castle Rock, Andre Holland

      ‘Castle Rock’

      The new Hulu horror series starring Andre Holland, based broadly on Stephen King’s work, disappoints.

    • Wyatt Russell in Lodge 49 AMC

      ‘Lodge 49’

      Even though the show’s occasional dips into magical realism can be welcome breaks, it’s never clear what it’s trying to do.

    • 'Mary Page Marlowe' Review: Tatiana Maslany

      ‘Mary Page Marlowe’

      The title role, played by six actresses in this poetic mood piece, is the kind of character who grows, and grows, and grows on you.

    • The Cher Show review

      ‘The Cher Show’

      In its pre-Broadway version premiering in Chicago, “The Cher Show” sings but doesn’t soar.

    • 'Henry IV' Review: Tom Hanks Plays

      ‘Henry IV’

      West coast audiences are treated to the rare pleasure of seeing Tom Hanks on stage as the actor reinterprets Shakespeare’s buffoon.

    • My Name Is Lucy Barton review

      ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

      Lucy Barton’s personal meditation blossoms into something bigger than itself — a portrait of America, even of history as a whole.


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