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    • Mia Goth as Sara and Dakota


      Luca Guadagnino has remade Dario Argento’s flamboyant nuthouse horror movie into an art film so self-serious it forgets to scare you.

    • Hunter Killer

      ‘Hunter Killer’

      Gerard Butler plays a submarine commander in a U.S.-vs.-Russia thriller that drowns in ponderously out-of-date Cold War clichés.

    • Halloween


      David Gordon Green does horror fans a favor, bringing Michael Myers’ saga back to its roots.

    • THE CONNERS - The Conners reunited

      ‘The Conners’

      Given everything it went through to become its own series, “The Conners” makes a solid case for itself.

    • Jennifer Garner in HBO's Camping


      The series shows so little movement that watching “Camping” becomes nearly as unpleasant as it is for the characters.

    • Romanoffs_20171005_D03_Ep103_JT_0473.RAF

      ‘The Romanoffs’

      Even when “The Romanoffs” doesn’t always click into place, it can still be hypnotizing to watch its gears work to get there.

    • Murphy Brown

      ‘Murphy Brown’

      In all the wrong ways, Candice Bergen’s reboot of the CBS sitcom “Murphy Brown” is the perfect show for the Trump era.

    • Mother of the Maid Glenn Close

      ‘Mother of the Maid’

      Focusing on the complex travails of parenting, the play still comes down to women suffering grittily.

    • Tootsie review


      This bouncy musical, which opened in Chicago, turns the story into a full-on satire of the narcissistic male ego.

    • Moulin Rouge review

      ‘Moulin Rouge!’

      Baz Luhrmann’s iconic, trippy movie comes to the stage with its grandeur and craziness intact.


Music for Screens Summit - October 30

Coinciding with our popular quarterly feature, this one day summit will include interviews and panels with leading songwriters, producers, composers and music executives behind today's hit tv/film/theater soundtracks. Announcing Keynote Speakers: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Confirmed Speakers

  • Pinar Toprak
  • Rich Holtzman
    Manager, Portugal. The Man
  • Ramin Djawadi

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