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    • SAMUEL L. JACKSON in Glass. M.


      M. Night Shyamalan combines the characters from “Unbreakable” and “Split” into a sequel that holds you without haunting you.

    • 'The Heiresses' Review (Las Herederas)

      ‘The Heiresses’

      A beautifully realized debut that exquisitely balances character study with shrewd commentary on class and desire.

    • 'Adult Life Skills' Review: Tribeca Fest

      ‘Adult Life Skills’

      Rachel Tunnard’s Tribeca Film Festival prize-winner is a cheesy rehash of numerous stunted-adolescent dramedies.

    • 'The Upside' Review

      ‘The Upside’

      Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart have terrific odd-couple chemistry, but this “Intouchables” remake doesn’t shed its serious flaws.

    • Roswell, New Mexico -- "Pilot" --Jeanine

      ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

      If its many mysteries come together, “Roswell, New Mexico” could very well end up one of the CW’s more satisfying debuts.

    • Fam - Nina Dobrev and Tone


      Unconventional families are as standard a sitcom premise as any, so it feels fitting that “Fam” is as standard as they come.

    • To Kill a Mockingbird review

      ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

      Jeff Daniels takes on the towering figure of Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee’s famous novel.

    • 'Network' Review: Bryan Cranston Stars on


      Bryan Cranston gives a full-throated roar as Howard Beale, a TV news anchor who is “mad as hell” about his corrupt society.

    • The Cher Show review Broadway

      ‘The Cher Show’

      A schlocky TV variety show format diminishes Broadway’s Cher musical, despite a can-do cast, pop tunes, and diva power.

    • King Kong review

      ‘King Kong’

      It’s all about the 2,000-pound gorilla in the room, and this visually dazzling production delivers big time despite a stylistic mishmash.


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