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CNN Suspends Cuomo

Chris Cuomo has been suspended by CNN "indefinitely, pending further evaluation," following new disclosures about how he helped his brother in the midst of a sexual harassment investigation.

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  • ‘Hawkeye’

    Marvel's 'Hawkeye,' starring Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner, needs more room to develop a voice of its own outside the MCU.

  • ‘The Wheel of Time’

    Amazon Prime Video's new series, starring Rosamund Pike in a cryptic role, suffers from too much story, told too hurriedly.

  • ‘Yellowjackets’

    Showtime's "Yellowjackets," starring Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis among others, is a pitch-black, haunting survival drama

  • Critics Pick


    Like a follow-up to "Frozen," it's a magical fable of girl power, in this case about the only member of her Colombian family who feels like she doesn't have it.

  • Critics Pick

    ‘House of Gucci’

    Ridley Scott's film is full of luscious backstabbing, but it's not camp. It's an icepick drama about the ways of power.

  • Critics Pick

    ‘King Richard’

    Reinaldo Marcus Green steps up his game in this engaging true-life drama about how Richard Williams steered his daughters to tennis glory.

  • ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

    The brand gets a fresh jolt of energy from director Jason Reitman, who offers fan service alongside a new entry point for younger audiences.

  • Adele's '30'

    Adele offers her most harrowing, unflinching songs yet on "30," but she's having more fun than ever before on some of the tracks, too.

  • ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

    An assessment of all nine of the "Red (Taylor's Version)" "vault" numbers, including a 10-minute "All Too Well" that was worth the wait.

  • ABBA’s ‘Voyage’

    "Voyage," ABBA's first album in nearly 40 years, is so timelessly ABBA-esque that it could have come out any time in the past four decades.

  • ‘The Visitor’

    In this world premiere by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey at the Public Theater, the story centers the wrong character.

  • ‘Morning Sun’

    Stunning performances humanize Simon Stephens' play "Morning Sun," an earnest if bland love letter to a fundamentally unremarkable woman.