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    • dumbo Tim Burton


      Tim Burton’s remake of the Disney classic about a flying circus elephant adds nuts and story bolts to a tale that didn’t need them.

    • The Beach Bum

      ‘The Beach Bum’

      Harmony Korine is back with another decadent satire, this time featuring Matthew McConaughey as stoner-poet Moondog.

    • 'Diane' Review: Mary Kay Place Is


      Mary Kay Place excels as a regretful boomer who has grown older, but maybe no wiser, in Kent Jones’s haunting first dramatic feature.

    • 'Us'


      Jordan Peele veers farther into the dark of America’s collective id, implicating us as our own worst enemies.

    • ABBY'S -- "Pilot" Episode 101 --


      “Abby’s,” NBC’s new comedy about a cranky bartender and her inner circle of regulars, is aware of the “Cheers” comparisons.

    • Hanna_20180315_DSC05591.tif


      The filmic achievement of the 2011 movie “Hanna” is what makes Amazon’s new series adaptation so disappointing.

    • The Act Hulu

      ‘The Act’

      Generally, Hulu’s true-crime anthology “The Act” nails what it’s going for — a grotty, nasty, poisonous fable.

    • Be More Chill review

      ‘Be More Chill’

      The Broadway “Be More Chill” feels more even and flows more smoothly than it did Off Broadway.

    • All About Eve review

      ‘All About Eve’

      Ivo van Hove’s stage adaptation fine-tunes its feminism for our own sexist age — image-obsessed, anti-aging, the time of Time’s Up.

    • True West review

      ‘True West’

      Ethan Hawke and Paul Dano star as battling brothers in a disappointing Broadway revival of Sam Shepard’s classic.

    • To Kill a Mockingbird review

      ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

      Jeff Daniels takes on the towering figure of Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee’s famous novel.

    • 'Devil May Cry 5' is a

      ‘Devil May Cry 5’

      “Devil May Cry 5” shakes off the rust and reminds us why we liked these games, but you have to work to ignore its outdated feel.

    • Bioware's Broken 'Anthem' Embraces the Gig


      Even if you put aside the potential for a console hard crash, “Anthem” is a disjointed and clunky experience.

    • Video Game Review: 'Crackdown 3'

      ‘Crackdown 3’

      “Crackdown 3” works by doing the minimum. And these days, the minimum feels like a reprieve.

    • Video Game Review: ‘Far Cry New

      ‘Far Cry New Dawn’

      “New Dawn’s” evolving world makes it easy to see why creators see the appeal, but it’s also a story that overstays its welcome.


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