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    • 'Smallfoot' Review: What If Bigfoot Were


      A confused plot and an overcooked message ruin this cute high-concept cartoon about yetis who discover humans are real.

    • Monsters and Men Sundance

      ‘Monsters and Men’

      The film examines how a police shooting affects three Brooklyn locals in this highly topical and unexpectedly low-key drama.

    • Farenheit 11/9

      ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

      It starts off as nose-thumbing, but Michael Moore’s Trump documentary turns into a warning about fascism.

    • New Amsterdam review

      ‘New Amsterdam’

      “New Amsterdam,” like the mammoth hospital it’s set in, has a whole lot of enthusiasm and too many areas in which to direct it.

    • MANIFEST -- "Pilot" Episode 101 --


      NBC’s time-travel genre series may be messy, but it has more on its mind than many fall entries.

    • Magnum PI

      ‘Magnum P.I.’

      “Magnum P.I.,” CBS’ reboot of the Tom Selleck drama, has a panache problem. The exposition-heavy hour fails to soar despite plenty of action.

    • Maniac


      The imaginative psychological drama “Maniac” takes its place among the year’s best TV.

    • Moulin Rouge review

      ‘Moulin Rouge!’

      Baz Luhrmann’s iconic, trippy movie comes to the stage with its grandeur and craziness intact.

    • Head Over Heels

      ‘Head Over Heels’

      Graft some hits from the Go-Go’s songbook onto an Elizabethan prose poem and you get a lot of silly stuff.

    • Twelfth Night review

      ‘Twelfth Night’

      A musical take on the Bard offers the spirit of community, a lesson in gender identity and an infectious good time.


Music for Screens Summit - October 30

Coinciding with our popular quarterly feature, this one day summit will include interviews and panels with leading songwriters, producers, composers and music executives behind today's hit tv/film/theater soundtracks. Announcing Keynote Speakers: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Confirmed Speakers

  • Pinar Toprak
  • Rich Holtzman
    Manager, Portugal. The Man
  • Ramin Djawadi

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