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  • ‘On the Rocks’

    Bill Murray is in fine form as the bon vivant father of Rashida Jones, playing a New York author who suspects her husband of infidelity.

  • ‘Supernova’

    As a couple staring down the barrel of dementia, a peak-form Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci give nuance and ballast to Harry Macqueen's film.

  • ‘Lovers Rock’

    One of five anthology films about Black British life in the '60s to '80s, it's a time-machine reverie that lets the music do the talking.

  • ‘Shadow in the Cloud’

    Roseanne Liang's female empowerment thriller reveals how Chloë Grace Moretz might handle a "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"-style attack.

  • Alicia Keys' 'Alicia'

    Alicia Keys' "Alicia" finds the singer pushing the limits of her voice and imagination on her boldest and most adventurous album to date.

  • Big Sean’s ‘Detroit 2’

    Big Sean's "Detroit 2" album explores Motor City power and pragmatism with guests including Travis Scott, Nipsey Hussle and Stevie Wonder.

  • ‘Beat the Devil’

    David Hare's monologue at the Bridge Theatre in London recounts the playwright's battle with COVID-19.

  • ‘Richard II’

    Andre Holland leads the cast of a surprisingly intimate audio version of Shakespeare, from the Public Theater's Free Shakespeare in the Park.

  • ‘The Line’

    Meet the COVID-19 pandemic's first responders in this streaming docu-play about health care workers.






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