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The shootings in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., spurred heated discussion in the American culture. With this special report on violence and the media, Variety brought together more than 40 voices — including industry mavens and outside experts, pro-gun control advocates and those supporting restrictions on the media — to offer context and perspective. Now, the discussion continues with you. Share your thoughts at and read the opinions of other readers below.

  • BRAVO! Today's Variety Is Perhaps The Best In Its History

    Dear Mr Gray and Editorial Staff of Variety,

    I believe today’s issue (Friday January 18th) of Variety is the best in the publication’s history.

    As the saying goes — ‘be the change’ … you are using your platform to inspire a conversation about violence/guns/media in a truly balanced way.
    It leads us to ponder our own conscience, personally, and collectively about the quality of life today, and the power each of us has to impact the world and leave it for better or for worse, tomorrow.

    I’ve been a Daily Variety subscriber for years, this is my first letter to the editor ever. Bravo — keep it up!

    Laurence A. Dvoskin, musician/songwriter/producer -- New York City
  • Combination of two things

    First thing is the media continuing to replay it for months and years after the fact. They amplify the story as if it is the only thing going to keep themselves alive.

    Second thing is Hollywood and the electronic game industry can only produce violent and killing-style entertainment for grade-school-age kids, and they also like to suppress manners and kindness. This has had a larger influence on young people than anything parents try to teach. Now we are seeing the result and Obama wants to blame it on guns. We have had guns for well over 200 years without this violence. It seems to me that the current administration is feeding on this as if it were candy. It reminds me of the “Fast & Furious” situation.

    Dan Durrenberger
  • RE: Article by Dr. Peter Breggin

    Last night I read through your publication about violence in entertainment. I was familiar with all of the pro and con arguments about gun control, video games, violence in entertainment, mental health — except one voice, and what he has to say is startling! It is information that I have never read and apparently has not been widely publicized. And his revelations seem to me to be the most relevant of all!

    I’m referring to the article by Dr. Peter Breggin, who reveals that pharmaceuticals have made successful efforts to prevent the public and even health professionals from knowing that antidepressant drugs can cause violence and suicide! Moreover Breggin points out that many of the most publicized shootings were done by young men — Wesbecker, Harris, Holmes, Lanza — who were under psychiatric care shortly before or at the time they committed violence and had been prescribed antidepressants or other psychoactive drugs that have been proven to cause violence and erratic behavior!!!

    Has this most important information been missing in the public discussion because pharmaceutical companies buy a huge percentage of the ads that are broadcast by the networks and cable companies?

    Beth Brickell, president of Luminous Films