‘The Congress’ Actor Danny Huston at The Variety Studio: Cannes Edition

Danny Huston’s family name has been a Hollywood staple for decades, so it’s only fitting that he appear in “The Congress,” a film that he says is “about celebrity culture and fame.”

In the film, which is partially animated, Huston plays a smarmy studio mogul. But is his character evil?

“People may think that my character in the film is villainous,” Huston tells Variety’s Steve Gaydos in this interview from the Chivas House during the Cannes Film Festival. “But usually whenever I portray villainous roles, they have to kind of make sense and you don’t necessarily consider yourself as such.”

Variety critic Peter Debruge calls “The Congress” “a trippy cautionary tale about where society is headed, assuming movie stars license their essence to studios and audiences abandon cinema in favor of chemical cocktails that allow them to experience life as their celebrity of choice.”

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