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Steven L. Canepa David Kline

IBM's Steven L. Canepa, Viacom's David Kline Talk Data-Driven Content at Variety Ent and Tech Summit

Steven L. Canepa, general manager of IBM Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Industry; and David Kline, Viacom’s chief technology Officer, discussed at Variety‘s Entertainment and Technology Summit last week the evolving data-driven market. Variety Co-Editor-in-Chief Andrew Wallenstein moderated the panel.

“Data has to move to the center of the business model in the media and entertainment industry,” Canepa said. “The challenge I see is that the firms that are the disruptors in this industry — so the Facebooks, the Amazons, the Googles, the Microsofts, the Baidus, the Tencents — they were all built with platforms that have data at the center of their business model. They’re used to doing A/B testing every single day. … They’re competing for that time, advocacy, and attention in a very thoughtful and careful way. And I think it really means that you have to be very thoughtful about how you’re going take advantage of this new data science.”

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