Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra on Her 'Quantico' Character: 'Alex and Me Are Blurred'

Priyanka Chopra sat down with Variety during her cover shoot for the Power of Women L.A. issue to discuss working with UNICEF, what she would have been if she wasn’t an actor, and the similarities between her and her “Quantico” character, Alex.

“I think Alex and me have sort of blurred now, the lines have blurred, we’ve become similar people,” she said in our “Variety Uncovered Presented by Dermstore” video. “She’s a lot more broken that me, she’s a little bit detached. She doesn’t need anyone, she doesn’t want anyone. I’m the opposite, I’m like, ‘I want everyone around me, I need everyone that I love.'”

Chopra added that she and Alex are both unapologetic. “Courage of conviction, I think that’s very similar between Alex Parrish and me. No matter what I do, I’m not afraid to admit it, whether it’s right or wrong. That’s just integrity.”

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