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Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith: Ben Affleck Might Be 'the Best Batman' Yet

It’s no secret that Kevin Smith is a Batman fan (his daughter is named after DC villain Harley Quinn), so it should come as little surprise that he has opinions about Ben Affleck playing the Caped Crusader in the upcoming “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

In fact, he has very high hopes for Affleck. “Right away, he’s the best looking Batman we’ve ever seen,” Smith says.

“The hardest thing to nail about Batman is Bruce Wayne, because that’s where you’ve got no mask and you’ve got to be a human being,” he goes on. “But that dude is Bruce Wayne, so he’s born to play that role.”

Smith shares a story when, after Affleck starred in critical and box office bomb “Daredevil,” Affleck told Smith to advise him against any subsequent roles that required a costume. But, as Smith sees it, it’s a good thing he didn’t follow through with that resolve.

“Now it looks like he is the best Batman we’ve seen so far,” Smith says.

Smith was at the Variety Studio at Sundance promoting his film “Yoga Hosers,” which premieres Sunday night.

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