Why Chelsea Handler Is Registering as an Independent

Chelsea Handler has made no secret about her political affiliations. She was an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter ahead of the general election, and has slammed now-President Donald Trump along the way. Her recent revelation, however, may surprise some people.

“Forget your party,” Handler told Variety after leading the Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival. “I’m registering as an independent. I’m not going to be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive.”

Watch the conversation above.


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  1. Bon says:

    Go fuck yourself!!!!!

  2. Carrie A Higby says:

    FIRST: WHAT PROOF DO WE HAVE THAT MELANIA SPEAKS 5 LANGUAGES!!!!???? Absent of that I just do not believe it at all her husband is a pathological lier and has surrounded himself with those who also are pathological liers and will do or say whatever he tells them too. So Do I believe Melania speak 5 languages, when she has been in the USA for the pat 21 years and has a mediocre (at best) grasp on the English language!!!??? NO I DONT BELIEVE THAT!!! IT IS JUST ANOTHER LIE UNLESS MELANIA CAN PROVE OTHERWISE!!

  3. I. Rony says:

    Another example of the Ugly American Hypocrite making fun of FLOTUS Melania’s English accent not knowing that Melania can speak FIVE languages!

    Imagine if FLOTUS first language was Spanish from Mexico by birth and Chelsea Handler made fun of her accent.

    She can’t see the irony in her words & Americans just don’t see how ignorant the world sees the USA.

    -Only about 3 out of every ten Americans have a passport & fewer have ever used it to travel outside the USA.
    -George W. Bush had never been outside of the USA before becoming President.

  4. JoniU says:

    Get a life. Because you are washed up, you make fun of other people. Leave AMERICA like you promised. You are pathetic and I feel sorry for you. Enjoy the next four years HA H HA MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN WOOHOO

  5. azarkhan says:

    Wow, who knew Chelsea Handler was a complete pig?

  6. Nancy Lewis says:

    Handler, Madonna, and Judd are the furthest example of woman I want my daughter to look up to. Drunken whores are not something to aspire to, or allow to speak for the equality of woman. Wearing gentilia on your head and parading in nothing doesn’t scream take us serious! These woman are misguided and distracting from the actual cause. Which if questioned most of the marchers could not tell you why they were marching.

    • I. Rony says:

      I agree & I think Most of them attended the March to be able to post it in their social media feeds from fear of missing out. #FOMO

  7. C. G says:

    You have to be one of the most ugliest people I’ve ever heard speak. To make remarks that you made about the First Lady is prejudiced and is extremely hurtful to everyone that doesn’t speak clearly and or broken English because they come from another country. Shame on you, I hope your show and your career Fail. Your not worthy.

  8. Mary Ann says:

    What a lost, hateful, hypocritical, pathetic excuse of a human being. One can only pity Chelsea.

    • I. Rony says:

      And, thanks to the news media. – She is what people around the world are seeing as today’s leader of American woman.

  9. Louise says:

    Chelsea H. shows her ignorance again. Melania Trump speaks 5 languages and happens to have an accent. Variety should not give Handler a platform to spew her cruel and bitter comments about our 1st Lady.

  10. Judy says:

    Chelsea Handler should be ashamed of herself for talking trash about first family. If anyone defamed Michelle Obama they would be called racist. You are worse than any racist. Hillary Clinton killed 4 men & charged for appointments while being paid by tax payers.
    Mrs. Trump is a lady first and a First Lady second.
    Can we exile Handler?

  11. nancy says:

    Who do you think you are? Chelsea Handler is a moron. I don’t want to be around these types of prejudiced people. I’m finding that the left are hanging on to the glory days of the sixties. How can you respect Hilary Clinton? She is the biggest liar along with the Obamas.

  12. Sheila says:

    By the way, why are you still here? Thought you were leaving if Trump was elected.

  13. Sheila says:

    Did she ASK you ? Probably NOT . Jealous

  14. Lil Wilkins says:

    I am so tired of the “mean morons”. Judd, Madonna and Handler (and others)are clearly stupid and/or are in need of psychiatric intervention and possibly some jail time. They are all so irrelevant.

  15. zara1305 says:

    I watched very little of this as this a so called woman who speaks like an illiterate, she does NOT speak for the majority of women, Just looking for publicty and it makes me furious that she is being given the time of day.

  16. Nancy Creagh says:

    She is the worst has no talent and is of a lower class than the first lady.Several languages includes English! Looking for attending ruin at the first lady’s expense.lame

  17. Weaverkd says:

    Chelsea, You are not an independent. You apparently are not a fan of women either. How many people speak 5 languages in the world? Less than 3%. I guess you never left the United States and heard accents before, Sorry for your prejudice. I guess you’ll understand the term F^%K Off. since you only know 1 language, you might need some alcohol to read this thou. You are a Pathetic, Rich poor excuse for a women. Please move to another country to find out what we could have here since BO is out of office now. Melania will always be proud to be an American unlike you or Michele.

  18. mywhistle says:

    So the racist Handler won’t talk to people who can’t speak English? Time for the Democrats who love her to chime in. (no holding my breath)

  19. june says:

    Chelsea Handler Liberal Bigot and Xenophobe.

  20. Dianme says:

    You are repugnant, please stop talking. And stop drinking because you say things that are ridiculous Melania Trump speaks 5 languages and you can barely speak one. Thank you

  21. Carol says:

    I wouldn’t watch her show if she were the only person on TV. She is jealous of the first lady. Look in the mirror Chelsea, thats all you need. Sorry excuse for a women. Get over yourself ,she’s our frist lady and a beautiful one at that.

  22. Anne Shields says:

    This is a very sad comment about the state of this nation’s young women and their culture. Who is being divisive? Disrespecting an immigrant because she has an accent! Who is intolerant? Who is reaching out with love and respect? I called Netflix and expressed my concern that they are streaming her show. And I suggested Netflix should disavow her comments. I hope others do the same. And honestly, is it really cool and acceptable to get drunk? These are role models for our young women? Instead of watching her show on Netflix, go see the movie “Hidden Figures” for truly inspirational women.

    • Judi says:

      Contacting Netflix was on my todo list for today. Anyone out there who subscribes to Netflix should do the same. Look what happened to that woman from SNL and her comment. She is now on an extended vaca from NBC. How many people voted for the Trumps??? That’s how many people should contact Netflix for the removal of her show. This has to stop. Did we uprise, take to the streets and loot and burn things and say vile and despicable things when Obama was elected twice as president???? Hell no because we weren’t sore losers like these Hollywood people who are probably getting paid by Soros for disrupting the universe. Know that they don’t need his money, but if he is willing to pay people to protest and say horrible things, then I would take his money too. They don’t care and they think we care about them, well they are a legend in their own minds,. So let’s contact Netflix and protest, see how they like it.

  23. Dan says:

    From what I’ve seen of Chelsea Handler, Melania Trump is far more coherent than she is. And don’t worry, Chelsea…The First Lady and President of the United States wouldn’t waste their time with you.

  24. Julie Allentown says:

    Melania speaks five languages and is, by far, the most poised, big hearted, and pure class of any first lady that has entered the white house.
    Chelsea Handler? Seriously, now that is downright hilarious coming from her, she has to swear about the president, rather than read and study the debacle of Obama’s presidency. Open your eyes girlfriend, study your history…on both sides of the aisle.

  25. Argis stavros says:

    Who the fuck is Chelsea handler? I thought she moved to mountain somewhere in Barcelona, to be with her self and fake image of hers, move on or shut up ,u are so pathetic

  26. Mike Wallace says:

    My cat’s litter box is better than she will ever be, and that’s on the day I throw out the old litter, like she should be thrown out. Just one more Hollyturd.

  27. Russell Phillips says:

    Who exactly is this Bimbo? I’ve never heard of her and why should anything she says be considered important. She obviously knows nothing of Melania who is fluent in English, French, Italian, German, and Slovene. Apparently she is ashamed to admit she chose the losing side and that is why she claims now to be an independent. Her thought process is anything but independent because she is spouting the same moot talking points that the left used throughout their losing campaign. As for her comments about not being divisive, she like most liberals needs to look in the mirror. The left has been the divisive party, encouraging bigotry and hate at every turn.

    Personally I believe Melania is amazing, she represents the best of what America stands for. She went from immigrant to the wife of the most powerful man in the free world.

  28. Judi Campo says:

    Dear Miss Handler,

    Who do you think you are? You who only speak English, dissing a woman and our new First Lady on something that you are clueless on. Really, and you are who in the scheme of things???? You idiots in Hollywood seen to think the Trumps need you for some reason. Seriously you all need a life, and probably trying to get a real job in the private sector would b a wake up call on how little your career in Hollywood really means. We don’t care about you, you don’t pay our bills, you don’t put food on our table and you certainly don’t pay our doctor bills, so enuf. Get a real life.

  29. Scott says:

    No one wants that disgusting skank anywhere near our first family.

    Go interview some more hollyweird degenerates, and we’ll continue to not tune in.

  30. Andy says:

    Seriously? She now makes discriminatory remarks against immigrants (as Melania) and against men with small genitals (!). That isn’t divisive at all.

  31. jamesphilip says:

    ha ha ha…. does anyone really think either Donald or Melania would want to talk to this smelly coont? this sleazy slut who admits her privates smell like fish and attract dogs and pigs…. something she likes apparently

  32. WTF?! She went from talking about becoming independent because the two-party system is “too divisive,” then she goes on to make comments that are as divisive as one can possibly be. She said she wouldn’t even attempt to interview Trump and would tell him to “f–k off” if she did, then makes a xenophobic remark about Melania and how she wouldn’t interview her because she can “barely speak English.” Yeah, that’s how you unite the country and stop divisiveness. Freaking liberals.

  33. Alex says:

    …but will kiss the ass of the next Democrat candidate for President who ever he/she will be. This woman is the biggest publicity whore EVER!

  34. Christopher Carnegie-Morris says:

    It’s too bad – there are so many interesting ideas mixed in with the delusional thoughts.