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'86ed' Creators Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani Pick Their 'Bestie Night' Films

Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani seem to be on their way to big things. They’ve earned a following as creators and writers of the hit web series “86ed,” attracting attention for their ear for millennials’ angst.

“86ed” might never have existed, though, if Emerson College hadn’t assigned them the same room.

“I can’t do any homework alone so she (Kalani) would help me do pretty much all my writing,” David says. “Then it kind of evolved into us being writing partners because we just complemented each other very well.”

In some ways, the two are quite different, but they are the kind of best friends who can almost finish each others’ sentences. Also, says David, “We make fun of things the same way.”

Their Bestie Nights used to be too common to stand out. “We had four Bestie Years,” says Kalani. “Now we don’t live together, but we’ll be together four nights in a row so we have Bestie Weeks.” It’s the nights off from writing, when they can have fun together, that are special.

For their “Bestie Night” film list, they chose Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” and “Midnight in Paris,” and the documentary “The September Issue.”

As it turns out, Kalani helped David with an essay about Allen, a filmmaker David identifies with. “I picked the topic, but I couldn’t write it,” admits David.

Manhattan” and “Midnight in Paris” both have a travelogue aspect that works for the pair. “When it’s such an important part of the film, you fall in love with the city and that’s a fun feeling,” Kalani says. David doesn’t like to travel, so “Midnight in Paris” satisfies that itch for her, and they enjoy the portrayals of artists on the screen as well. “I hesitate to compare myself to any of those artists because they’re all nuts, but the characters are hilarious,” Kalani says.

“The September Issue” scratches that itch in a different way, says David. “We would never be invited to Fashion Week so it was nice to have an inside scoop,” she says. Kalani favors documentaries as an option for Bestie Night. “You can learn on Bestie Night,” she says. “It’s not all fun and games. You’re not just making fun of stuff.”

But David admits to being terrified of documentaries, because she’s too affected by the subject matter. “I just watched the trailer of ‘Blackfish’ and I couldn’t get out of bed for a month,” she deadpans.

Kalani retorts: “I think that’s why ‘The September Issue’ was a good one for us because that’s easy.”

To watch David and Kalani’s top “Bestie Night” films — “Manhattan,” “Midnight in Paris.” and “The September Issue”* — and other movies like these, start your Tribeca Shortlist free, seven-day trial here.

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