Claudia Eller, Co-Editor-In-Chief
Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-In-Chief


Steven Gaydos, Vice President, Executive Editor
Carolyn Horwitz, Managing Editor
Cynthia Littleton, Managing Editor, TV
Debra Birnbaum, Executive Editor, TV
Ramin Setoodeh, New York Bureau Chief
Henry Chu, Europe Bureau Chief

Andrew Barker, Senior Features Writer
Geoff Berkshire, Associate Features Editor
Peter Caranicas, Managing Editor, Features
David S. Cohen,
Digital Features Director
Gordon Cox
, Legit Editor
Mark David, Real Estate Editor
Trish Deitch, Copy Chief
Shalini Dore,
Features News Editor
Bill Edelstein,
Associate Editor
Terry Flores
, Senior Editor
Adrian Fulle, Digital Features Producder
Tim Gray, Senior Vice President
Daniel Holloway, Senior TV Writer
Carole Horst, Managing Editor, Features
Ted Johnson,
Senior Editor
Justin Kroll
, Reporter
Brent Lang, Senior Film & Media Editor
Gene Maddaus, Senior Media Writer
Dave McNary,
James Rainey, Senior Film Writer
Jenelle Riley,
Deputy Awards & Features Editor
Janko Roettgers,
Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent
Pat Saperstein
Deputy Editor
Michael SchneiderVariety Editor at Large
Oriana Schwindt, 
TV News Editor
Malina Saval,
Associate Features Editor
Todd Spangler
, New York Digital Editor
Brian Steinberg, Senior TV Editor
Kristopher Tapley
, Awards Editor
Elizabeth Wagmeister, TV Writer


Stuart Oldham, Editor,
Lawrence Yee, Deputy Editor
Seth Kelley, News Editor
Maane Khatchatourian, News Editor
Alex Stedman, News Editor
Mannie Holmes, Events Editor
Jacob Bryant, Photo Gallery Editor


Peter Debruge, Chief Film Critic
Owen Gleiberman, Chief Film Critic
Maureen Ryan, Chief TV Critic
Sonia Saraiya, TV Critic


Leo Barraclough, London
Patrick Frater, Hong Kong
John Hopewell, Madrid
Elsa Keslassy, Paris


Chris Mihal, Creative Director
Bailey Franklin, Director of Photography
Cheyne Gateley, Art Director
Michelle Hauf, Photo Editor
Chuck Kerr, Art Director
Benjamin De-Campos, Senior Designer
Daniel Doperalski, Digital Art Director
Priscilla Rodriguez, Photo Coordinator
Allison Cressey, Designer
Michael Buckner, Chief Photographer


Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, Group Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer
Brooke Turpin, VP Global Consumer & Strategic Partnerships
Millie Chiavelli, VP East Coast Sales & Partnerships
Donna Pennestri, Associate Publisher
Dea Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer
Dawn Allen, VP of Film & Talent


Alberto Lopez, International Director
Michelle Fine-Smith, Managing Director, Consumer Sales
Jason Greenblatt, Managing Director, Digital Sales
Henry Deas, Director, Markets & Festivals
Patrice Atiee, Director, Strategic Partnerships
Judi Pulver, Director, Music Advertising
Guy Brown, West Coast Director, Consumer & Film
Eric Legendre, Co-Managing Director, International
Celine Rotterman, Co-Managing Director, International
Gurjeet Chima, Sales Manager
Doris Longoni, Account Manager
Kaushal Shah, Account Manager
Stefan Nicoll, Account Manager
John Ross, Director, Features and Events
Christie Ricci, Business Development Director
Joseph Meehan, Account Executive
Rosalie Fazio, Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategist
Shurize Richards, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Tammy Yang, Sales Coordinator
Lauren Halperin, Features Coordinator


Tim Boyer, Art Director
William Scalia, Associate Art Director
Miguel Allport, Designer


Preston Northrop, Video Producer, Variety
Jasmine Abghari
, Senior Manager, Event Marketing
Dayna Wolpa, Manager, Event Marketing
Eleana Gudema, Manager, Event Marketing
Susan Leiderman, Manager, Communications
Lauryn Kistner, Associate Marketing Manager
Annicka Graham, Marketing Coordinator
Lauren Meyer, Event Marketing Coordinator


Susanne Ault, Director, Content Development
Samantha Bullock, Director, Consumer & Music Partnerships
Lindsey Elfeinbein, Director of Summits and Strategic Partnerships
Rebecca Weitman, Director, Strategic Partnerships
Kimberly Cervantes, Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships


Mark Hoebich, President
Carolyn Finger, SVP
Jean Song, VP, Film Research
Geoff Elsner, Executive Director, Business Development
Darlene Gilbertie, Director, Business Development
Kevin Kelly, Director, Business Development
Chris Svehla, Director, TV Research
Brian DePasquale, Director, Research
Christina Moore, Manager, Business Development
Christine Morente, Manager, Film Research
Caroline Bartlett, TV Research Coordinator
Amanda Buckler, Film Research Coordinator
Stephanie Diehl, TV Research Coordinator
Kaare Eriksen, International TV Coordinator
Daisy Gonzalez Rosales, Research Coordinator
Anna Lewgood, TV Research Coordinator
Hanna Pachman, Sales Coordinator
Ryan Pigg, TV Research Coordinator
Alexandra Sacks, Marketing Coordinator
Morgan Yuvienco, Marketing Coordinator
Julie Sesnovich, Film Research Coordinator


Sheila Dixon Howard, Editorial Coordinator


Natalie Longman, Production Director
Mike Petre, Director, Distribution
Andrea Wynnyk, Production Manager & Graphic Designer



Jay Penske, Chairman & CEO

Todd Greene, General Counsel & SVP Human Resources
Gerry Byrne, Vice Chairman
George Grobar, Chief Operating Officer
Craig Perreault, Senior Vice President Business Development

Nelson Anderson, Vice President, Creative
Ken DelAlcazar, Vice President, Finance
Christina Yeoh, Vice President, Technical Operations
Gabriel Koen, Vice President, Technology
Tarik West, Vice President, Human Resources

Judith R. Margolin, Deputy General Counsel
Lauren Gullion
, Director, HR & Communications
Karl Walter, Director, Content
Joni Antonacci, Senior Director, Production Operations
Young Ko, Controller
Eddie Ko, Director, Ad Operations
Andy Limpus, Director, Talent Acquisition
Derek Ramsay, Senior Platform Manager
Nicola Catton, Director of Projects
Katie Passatino, Director of Audience Development
Duane Rochester, Web Operations Specialist
Rick Gascon, IT Director
Alex Bahamaca, Infrastructure Manager

Founded by Sime Silverman, 1873-1933