Julie, Julie, Julie


Julie Andrews and daughter Emma Walton Hamilton top the New York Times' Picture Books list with "Thanks to You" (Harper Collins). The book was to be a Mother's Day selection but hit the stalls…


The Real Stanwyck


Clips from Barbara Stanwyck's memorable performances reminded Wednesday night's full house audience at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater of her tremendous versatility. But what about the lady…

Hope's Honors Continue


Who better? Bob Hope will receive the inaugural presentation of the "American Patriot Award" from the USS Midway Museum in San Diego on May 26. He entertained troops on the Midway in 1972 at…

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Gore Plotting a Run? Not So


That, and other news, in today's Political Panorama. With the release of Al Gore's new book "The Assault on Reason" next week, Time profiles the man who's shadow is lingering over the presidential…

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