Oprah on the road


In New York: Oprah attended the opening of the Hearst Tower on Eighth at 57th Streets, looking grandly beautiful, all in red. When I told Oprah how much I was enjoying the movie of her road trip with…

Back to Broadway for Me


I was back on 45th Street and passing the site of what was the Criterion Theater on Broadway where I was an usher while going to Townsend Harris High School Now I was going to the Bernard B. Jacobs…

24-Hour notice


Strands: Vince Vaughn was plotting to kill his God-fearing mother, Alicia Witt was swearing like a Marine, Patricia Hodge was snorting coke, and Tom Hollander was telling -- no, yelling -- that he…

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Lighter attire suits her


Regarding Peter Bart's column ("Hollywood Growing Weary of Slob Story," Sept. 25-Oct. 1): I do agree that men look much classier in suits than in sweatpants, pajamas and other casual attire. By the…



During the National Italian American Foundation Lifetime achievement Awards Oct.21 at the D.C. Hilton Washington & Towers Anne Bancroft — her real name is Anne Marie Louise Italiano — will be…

Nets calling for backup


The nets are calling in the reserves. NBC is expected to tap spooky drama "Medium" to fill the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot vacated by "Kidnapped," insiders said. Nothing's official yet, but "Medium" is…

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