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FCC: “X*#!”


That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama. Updated To prove their point, FCC chairman Kevin Martin released an expletive laden statement in response to Monday’s court ruling that struck…

The Ladies Did It


The Oscars were there, so were the People’s Choice and once again the Santa Monica Civic was the site for the SHARE Boomtown party. On June 2, the ladies of SHARE presented their 54th annual…

Bye, Bye Barbra


Barbra Streisand left L.A. Sunday for Europe where she’ll start her tour in Zurich. She’ll get her sea legs aboard a yacht before going to work June 18. The tour includes Vienna, Berlin, Dublin…

Let’s Go To The Movies


Alfred Hitchcock once told me, "You’ve got to make a ‘get-them-out-of-the-kitchen-movie."  That advice for movie-makers will always hold true. But the by-word today for movie exhibitors could be "You…

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