Wedding Bells


Producer William Sherak and thesp Ginger Williams will wed Dec. 23 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sherak just returned from filming "Bangkok Dangerous," starring Nicholas Cage, on location. He says the…

The Best Of


A nine-hour DVD collection of "The Best of Larry King" is being readied by exec producer George Schlatter via CNN and Warner Home Video. The video will be out next fall celebrating Larry’s 50 years…

Strictly Personal


Edie Wasserman turns 91 on Nov.4, and on the 5th, as is her birthday custom, she celebrates with residents of the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital. This year, a wall will be…

Shirley Temple Injured


Shirley Temple Black took an accidental spill in the bathroom of her home in Woodside, Calif. last week and fractured her right wrist and arm. She said she’s in a cast from her fingers to the elbow…

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Diebold Slams HBO Doc


With the midterms just a week away, and concerns in the air about electronic voting systems, Diebold Election Systems has gone on the offensive against an HBO documentary called "Hacking Democracy"…

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