The Two Faces of Chevy Chase


Chevy Chase showed his comedic forte at a serious site. It was at a private screening of "The Great Warming." Chevy made his personal appearance before word had spread about another of his…

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Robocall Weekend


For Hillary Clinton’s Senate race in New York, Robert DeNiro, Tony Bennett and Paul Newman taped "robocalls" — the automatic, get-out-the-vote reminders that proliferate in the final weekend of an…

The Show Must Go On


It’s not enough to get solid applause from a preem audience at the finale of your movie, you’ve got to parlay the picture into the post-preem party. And so it was again with the bow of Columbia’s…

Best Bette


In New York: Bette Midler's annual"Hulaween" fund-raiser for her New York's Restoration Project Tuesday night was another triumph for Bette Midler who raised an incredible $2 million for the work…

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