Australia's busiest Hollywood actress Melissa George celebrated her birthday (31) in L.A. on Aug.5, then whisked back home to Perth to visit with her parents before winging out to another film…


  • TV

PBS respects their elders


Watching "The War," Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's sprawling 15-hour documentary on World War II, two related thoughts kept recurring: Nowhere else on TV will you see surviving members of the generation…

He Really Succeeded


Writer-director-producer-friend Mel Shavelson died at 3:30 ayem this morning. At 9:16 pm last night, he was still E-mailing his assistant Maureen Solomon about upcoming appointments, interviews…

  • Biz

A Web Breakthrough


Speaking of the debates, an alliance of conservative and liberal bloggers are touting ABC's and NBC's decisions to "liberate" debate coverage — meaning their video will be free for posting around the…

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