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Penelope praises Pedro


In New York: In the middle of last year's holidays I met a "celebrity" who isn't known for misbehavior. This gorgeous woman managed to have two huge public romances with major American male stars…

More Mozark


When Harry Thomason and wife Linda Bloodworth-Thomason don’t have a show running — rarely — they try to encourage staff to develop their own material. And indeed that’s what Adrienne Crow and Doug…

The Write Stuff


Whatta great way to start the New Year. But first, let's go back to the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas span. That's when Linda Bloodworth-Thomason taught an intensive, twelve-hour-a-day writing course to…

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Political Panorama: Monday


Arnold Wants Early Primary: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes moving California's June presidential primary to February to give the state a greater voice in the election. He tells Newsweek: "We…

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