ABC Family spawns series


ABC Family has renewed "Lincoln Heights" for a second season, and given a series go-ahead to "Greek," reinforcing the network's standing as one of the most active schedulers of scripted original…

  • Film

Hot times for ‘Hades’


In New York: For several weeks I've had the novel "Hades" on the top of a stack of books to read. I thought the title was just great and this thriller is by Russell Andrews. (In real life, Russell is…

The Reading Room


"How To Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying — P.S.: You Can't!" is the title of Mel Shavelson's tell-all. Well, maybe a lot about the reel Hollywood. While the book's to be published this…

Write On!


"Believe me, there is life after paralysis," award-winning TV writer Allen Rucker assures me. He heads to Oklahoma City this weekend to speak to the Jim Thorpe Rehab Center, one of the best in the…

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