Strictly Personal Oscars


He was the topic of conversation during the Oscars, afterwards at the Governors Ball and into the night at the Vanity Fair party. In the 60 years that I’ve been covering the Oscars, I’ve never seen…

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Political Panorama: Monday


More on Gore: He joked about it onstage at the Oscars on Sunday night, and once again reiterated it off stage, but Al Gore’s insistance that he does "not have plans" to run for President is met with…

Oscar’s H-hour


At H-hour today, Academy president Sid Ganis was still promising that the show would not go "much over 3 1/2 hours." He reminded that there are 177 nominees, but extolled producer Laura Ziskin for a…

Oscar Preview


I caught up with Oscar show director Louis J. Horvitz in his control center at the Kodak Theater during Saturday afternoon’s rehearsals to get his take on this year’s show. "I realize this is not…

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