The Reading Room


"How To Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying — P.S.: You Can't!" is the title of Mel Shavelson's tell-all. Well, maybe a lot about the reel Hollywood. While the book's to be published this…

Actor, Activist, Writer


Mike Farrell, whose career and civic involvements have been chronicled in my column over the years, has now written about it in "Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist" (AKASHIC Books)…

Write On!


"Believe me, there is life after paralysis," award-winning TV writer Allen Rucker assures me. He heads to Oklahoma City this weekend to speak to the Jim Thorpe Rehab Center, one of the best in the…

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Political Panorama: Tuesday


Updated Gore Gains: Tucker Carlson says that, "In some sense, the presidency almost seems too small for Al Gore at this point." While James Carville predicted on Don Imus this morning that Gore would…

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