Will Reege Quit?


"I’m afraid to quit," a great-looking 75 years-young Regis Philbin told me between spoonsful of Rice Krispies at breakfast in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Monday morning. (He’s  always  stayed at the…

Bono is out for justice


U2'S Bono is a brilliant talker and an inspiration. At a fabulous symposium put together by Time/Warner last week, he was asked what motivates him to do all that he does. He answered simply: "It's…

Now Captain Kirk Speaks


William Shatner, "Star Trek’s" Captain Kirk, spoke with director J.J. Abrams about "Star Trek XI," the prequel.  "They (Paramount) brought me in and we talked for several hours with him. But I have…

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Political Panorama: Monday


Updated Giuliani’s Rise: Much of the media’s focus over the weekend was on former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s rising political fortunes, earning him a Newsweek cover and the inevitable initial…

Tribute to Bob


No place in the world except Hollywood can treat death with high humor, disrespect and great tenderness. Robert Altman was the recipient of all as he was given his West Coast tribute on Sunday…

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