Backstage with Betty Hutton


They’re remembering Betty Hutton at the "Follies" in Palm Springs. The onetime super star of Paramount Studios — she was billed over Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart and Dorothy Lamour in the…

Red Remembered


Red Buttons’ son Adam wrote me of his unhappiness over the In Memoriam segment devoted to his father, Red Buttons on the Oscars. "My father was much more than a star, he was a cultural icon and a…

Reege Revealed


"I gotta slow down," Regis said when we had breakfast together last Monday (March 5) at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. As I told you a few hours later, Regis had just returned from a weekend  playing…

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Political Panorama: Tuesday


Updated More Moolah: John McCain attends a $1,000-per-person lunchtime fund-raiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel today that is thrown by his California finance committee. One of his rivals for the GOP…

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