Tom Poston Farewell


"I’m the widow Poston," Suzanne Pleshette said as the "services" wound down at Hillside Sunday afternoon. "I said that for single men here," she continued comically. She then started remarks reading…

Defining the blogosphere


While just about everyone agrees that the rise of blogdom is a positive force, the care and feeding of bloggers still causes a surprising degree of static. Publicists increasingly court them, but are…

  • Film

Is Hollywood stage-struck?


It's not often that stage thesps get asked to reprise a signature role in a play-to-pic adaptation. When Frank Langella was confirmed last week for the part of Richard M. Nixon in the movie version…

  • Biz

Making Sense of Debates


That, and other news, in this weekend’s Political Panorama. Both parties have now had their first match ups, but is it possible to discern who has the presidential mojo? MSNBC can be credited for…

Tie Another Ribbon


"Tie A Yellow Ribbon," was the 1973 song Tony Orlando made famous during the Vietnam War and now, as the war in Iraq  continues, Tony is a judge in the Internet Song Of The Year contest. He attended…

History Relived


Emotions ran high Wednesday night at the Directors Guild for the screening of Chris Cain’s "September Dawn." It’s the story of the Mormons’ massacre of 120 westwrard-bound settlers. The final cred on…

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