Something is "Forever"


To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of my column, Pierre Cossette produced an all-star show in 1993 at the Beverly Hilton. One of the performers was The Four Plaids who were then playing at the…

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The Politics of Nothing


I’m as guilty as any other outlet of paying too much attention to the McCain "Celeb" ad, the response, the counter response, Paris Hilton’s response and the campaign responses to that response. (her…

Marilyn Remembered


The Aug. 5, 1962 death of Marilyn Monroe was remembered Tuesday in the chapel of the Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary where Marilyn — and so many other actors — were given final services…

Stage Fright


"I have stage fright like I never had it before." It was Betty White talking to me (and only on the telephone) as I was congratulating her on Thursday night’s planned tribute to her. The Television…

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