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Review: ‘Grimm’


The central character in "Grimm" is a detective who's plans to propose to his girlfriend but is interrupted by visions, as he begins seeing people's faces morph into monsters -- a legacy of being…

'Man Up!'
  • TV

Review: ‘Man Up!’


Explores the tired question of whether modern times have produced an over-evolved generation of girly men. Alas, it'll take more than sociology to pump up this stale sitcom.


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Review: ‘Boss’


"Boss" labors under the weight of familiar political-movie cliches, offsetting its polished look -- and Gus Van Sant's unorthodox direction of the pilot -- with a been-there, seen-that feel.

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Review: ‘Case Histories’


With gauzy flashbacks and occasional tawdry moments "Case Histories" -- a three-movie adaptation of Kate Atkinson's Edinburgh-set crime novels -- is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but it isn't…

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