'Lab Rats'
  • TV

Review: 'Lab Rats'


Just because you're making a show for kids doesn't spare producers from needing to exhibit basic elements of coherence, which would be where Disney XD's latest live-action experiment, "Lab Rats,"…


'War Witch'
  • Film

Review: 'War Witch'


An account of a girl soldier struggling to survive in a conflict-torn central African state, "War Witch" offers the sort of harrowing experience one would expect given its abominable subject matter.

  • TV

Review: 'Clinton'


If the absorbing American Experience documentary "Clinton" were a book, people would rush directly to the index and look up "Monica Lewinsky" and "sex scandal," which does, indeed, encompass a…

'Comic Book Men'
  • TV

Review: 'Comic Book Men'


Taking the plunge into unscripted TV, AMC gets almost everything right with "Comic Book Men" -- the time-slot, the tone, the surprisingly fertile collectibles/pawnshop genre -- except for the…

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