Babylon TV Review Sundance TV
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TV Review: ‘Babylon’


What's more harrowing than police work? Try dealing with spin from the public-relations quagmire that regularly surrounds it. As premises go, it's hard to be much timelier than "Babylon," which…

Hindsight VH1 TV Review
  • TV

TV Review: ‘Hindsight’


Reminiscent of the movie "Sliding Doors," VH1's latest scripted series, "Hindsight," contains a familiar but nevertheless intriguing premise: What if handling one moment or action differently could…

Empire TV Review Fox
  • TV

TV Review: ‘Empire’


The commercial logic informing "Empire," Fox's new primetime soap, is obvious: Music provides a backdrop with ancillary benefits, especially on a network airing "American Idol"; and while diversity…

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