Code Black TV Review CBS
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TV Review: ‘Code Black’


"Code Black" certainly feels like a misnomer, since it's hard to think of a medical drama that could possibly look more beige. Named after a term for a very specific type of crisis — a moment when a…

'Quantico' Tries to Get Away With
  • TV

TV Review: ‘Quantico’


"Quantico" isn't a bad title, especially when one considers how unwieldy "How to Get Away With Murder 2: Terrorism Edition" would look on a billboard. Because peel away a few layers, and that's…

The Player Review NBC Wesley Snipes
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TV Review: ‘The Player’


NBC's most puzzling roll of the dice this development season, “The Player” might set a record in terms of the amount of time spent trying to explain the rules of the show. Not that it really helps…

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