• TV

Review: ‘Sammy’


NBC's animated series "Sammy," based on David Spade's stand-up material about his emotionally and financially negligent dad, is about as appealing as old potato salad at a late afternoon picnic…

  • TV

Frog serious about laffers


WB Entertainment president Susanne Daniels said the web has not budged from its goal of developing more successful laffers. Moving quickly to fill its fall 2001 development roster, the WB has inked…

Running Mates
  • TV

Review: ‘Running Mates’


Bill Clinton wishes he were as good at relationships as Gov. James Reynolds Pryce, a straight-talking, principled politico, whose presidential campaign is aided immeasurably by three former lovers…


  • Biz

EC: Oz not cricket


The European Commission is threatening legal action against Australia at the World Trade Organization over restricted access to foreign television for news from the Olympic Games in Sydney.

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