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Review: ‘Cupid & Cate’


Good books don't always translate into good TV movies, especially one that is as complex and character-driven as Christina Bartolomeo's novel that serves as the basis for Hallmark Hall of Fame's…

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By and

Jonathan Silverman has signed on for one of the leads in Artisan’s “Made.” Written, directed and starring Jon Favreau (“Swingers”), the film also stars Vince Vaughn, Famke Janssen and Sean “Puffy”…

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Peacock halts ABC win streak


NBC, vulnerable in the ratings when its heavyweight series are in reruns, has shown just how potent a sweeps player it can be. Freshly stocked with originals of its big guns, the net opened the May…

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Dealing exclusively


Signaling a new competitive edge to Spain's pay TV market, Spanish film and TV conglom Sogecable has inked an exclusive 10-pic pay and PPV deal with Spyglass Entertainment.

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