Totally Hoops
  • TV

Review: ‘Totally Hoops’


"Totally Hoops," a documentary series created by Douglas Ross and Lara Spotts, the team behind Disney's reality series "Bug Juice," marks a big step in filling the void of quality programming for…

The Division
  • TV

Review: ‘The Division’


Lifetime's effort at a female ensemble cop show, "The Division" suffers from a paint-by-numbers blandness. Derivative to its core, series doesn't deliver a fresh point of view on some very familiar…

Gary & Mike
  • TV

Review: ‘Gary & Mike’


Somewhere between the gross-out antics of "South Park," the razor wit of "The Simpsons" and the visual style of a California Raisins commercial lie the aesthetic and comic sensibilities of "Gary…

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