ABC's not kicking


Amid the hubbub surrounding the misbegotten Bowl Championship Series rankings that left top-rated USC out of this year's Sugar Bowl, few have bothered to cite ABC's role in enabling the madness by…

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No relief for Adelphia


Life isn't getting any easier for execs at Adelphia Communications. The Motion Picture Assn. of America's member studios, as well as the Chicago White Sox and the Office of the Commissioner of…


More hi-def in box


Cablevision has announced plans to offer four new high-definition channels -- Cinemax, Starz!, Showtime's the Movie Channel and InDemand -- later this month, boosting its slate of high-def channels…

Nine sets up 'Bali'


Australia's Nine network has commissioned a telepic based on the book "After Bali," by Jason McCartney, an Aussie rules footballer who was one of the heroes who pulled survivors from the wreckage of…

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