‘Bruce’ loose on TV


The depressed marketplace for theatrical movies got a jolt with the revelation Wednesday that Fox and USA have jointly bought the rights to "Bruce Almighty" and "2 Fast 2 Furious," and NBC and FX…

Digital duo delivers


The Times Discovery Channel, a joint venture of the Discovery Channel and the New York Times, has tripled its programming for the second half of the year from eight to 24 original shows, solidifying…

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Lygo going to Channel 4


Kevin Lygo, director of programs at U.K. commercial web Five, confirmed Wednesday he will replace Tim Gardam, director of television at rival Channel 4, when Gardam leaves at the end of this year.

Lion nurturing cub


MGM Home Entertainment is launching an MGM Kids label -- featuring a lion cub in place of the familiar Leo in the logo -- to emphasize all the new deals it has struck for high-profile preschool and…

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